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"Iron Knight" was released into a super handsome Trailer – Sohu Master Parkour entertainment   actor Ben Witchel into Master Parkour ironclad Hero Costume Trailer   Sohu; entertainment news (Wen Da Zi) by the Hollywood youth director Stewart – Handel (Stewart Hendler) sci-fi action film directed by "iron Knight". Today announced the full length up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds trailer. The trailer presents a full life of the super ability of the handsome guy in the encounter after an alien robot, his life has changed dramatically. In the trailer, the hero is a typical sport, after the super ability possessed into Parkour after having Master, armour outfit, he is defeated has emboldened bully. "Iron Knight" is a North American toy image was even woman and children all know, TV cartoon movie "iron Knight" by the who wrote "2 Thor: the dark world" screenwriter Christopher – Jost (Christopher Yost) caodao. The film tells the story of a 16 year old boy, Max (the actor in the trailer is obviously over the age of 16) and his mother lived in a small town, and his father died mysteriously shortly after his birth. Max in the adult has a kind of their own can not control the super energy, and met with the same kind of aliens, with the help of the alien gradually mastered the super ability. Film actor Ben Vachel (Ben Winchell0 is a little-known new actor in the film, the image is similar to the "key Fourth" actor. The play is some gold play bone, including actress Maria, actor Andy Garcia Bello character etc.. "Iron Knight" will be landing in North American Theaters on October 6th this year.相关的主题文章: