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Ivan and her boyfriend loving travel broke the two good things, (Figure) Ivan coach has recovered sina sports news Beijing on February 4th news in Australia during the coach Ivanovic Murray fainted on the spot, his father-in-law Gil hills has recently recovered and returned to the training ground. This Wednesday, Gil hills appeared in the Chester indoor hard training hall, training with disciple Ivanovic. In terms of mental state, the British have recovered well. 11 days ago, Gil hills in the Australian Open women’s singles third round Ivan and Keith game suddenly passed out to the hospital in time to the British people has no right. Ivanovic, the 20 in the world, will go to Russia next week to participate in the new WTA St Petersburg open. On Tuesday, she arrived at Old Trafford with her boyfriend Schweinsteiger to watch the Premier League’s twenty-fourth round of Manchester United and Storck City Games, and finally the Reds scored 3-0 goals with three goals by Lin Jiade, Marshall and Rooney. Also recently, the new Australian Open champion Gobel broke the news that Ivan and her boyfriend were doing something good. "Anna and Bastien sent me a picture of congratulations, and I’m really looking forward to their wedding," (double)

伊万和男友恩爱出行 科贝尔爆料两人好事将近(图) 伊万教练已康复   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月4日消息 在澳网期间当场晕倒的伊万诺维奇教练、穆雷岳父吉尔-希尔斯近日已经恢复健康,重返训练场。   本周三,吉尔-希尔斯出现在了曼切斯特室内硬地训练馆,和弟子伊万诺维奇一起训练。从精神状况来看,英国人已经恢复良好。11天前,吉尔-希尔斯在澳网女单第三轮伊万和凯斯的比赛中突然晕厥,好在及时送往医院的英国人已经没有大碍。   目前排名20位的伊万诺维奇将在下周前往俄罗斯参加新设立的WTA圣彼得堡公开赛。周二的时候,她还和男友施魏因斯泰格一同抵达老特拉福德球场观看英超第24轮曼联和斯托克城的比赛,最终红魔军团凭借林加德、马夏尔和鲁尼的三粒进球以3-0完胜过关。   也是在近日,新科澳网女单冠军科贝尔爆料伊万和男友好事将近,“安娜和巴斯蒂安发给我一张写着祝贺话语的照片,我真的很期待参加他们的婚礼”   (double)相关的主题文章: