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Jiangsu officials in money to help people ward off "failure" after being reported the original title: what is the normal operation of a public prosecution chief power of a country really rely on? There must be a lot of answers. But a large number of grass-roots civil servants in the daily work of the fair and selfless undoubtedly is one of the most important contents. While in Jiangyin city procuratorate prosecution division chief Xu Zhigao original bribery case, just reflects the influence of the impartial and selfless when the scarcity of normal social order caused by. The public prosecution department on behalf of the power, is a prominent feature of "flexibility" is very strong, in a certain sense, it is just a "setter" role, if the "setter" role problems, it is easy for the upstream and downstream sectors have joint influence. However, more black humor is, Xu Zhigao’s colleague in effect about Xu case, that is "Xu Zhigao subject to criminal punishment, Jiangyin procuratorate has a lot of people will in a few years the loss of advanced qualifications." This article begins in September 26, 2016, the 774th phase of the "China News Weekly" on September 14th, the day before the Mid Autumn Festival, in Jiangyin City People’s court circuit court, Ma Ling once again stand on the dock. His lawyer Jiang Deming submitted some from Rudong court to obtain materials. These materials are related to a man named Xu Zhigao. He submitted the materials to the Jiangyin municipal procuratorate and the Jiangyin municipal court. Xu Zhigao is the former Jiangyin Municipal People’s Procuratorate review committee members, former chief of Department of public prosecution. May 30, 2016, Jiangsu County People’s court found Xu Zhigao guilty of accepting bribes, sentenced him to 4 years in prison and fined $600 thousand Rudong. Xu obey judgment, no appeal. Xu Zhigao’s biggest bribes, from the horse’s commercial competitors – Jiangyin Urban Development Corporation Mister Xu Cailiang. In the Xu Zhigao case trial, Xu Cailiang and his younger brother Xu Renliang as a witness, two people have to prove the fact that 400 thousand yuan xu. Xu Zhigao recognize the Hui brothers 400 thousand yuan. In the "Newsweek" China (WeChat ID:china-newsweek) to get the relevant testimony of Xu Zhigao, he said: "I received 400 thousand, is recognized, but the money is entrusted me with the relationship, I do to help them take care of the relationship." Xu Zhigao take these 400 thousand to take care of the relationship, and horse spirit. Xu Zhigao confessed that in March 2013, Ma Ling was detained before the Hui brothers find him, hope that let Ma Ling crime will ask Xu Zhigao how to do. I said to find the relevant personnel to understand, investigate the evidence of suspected crime Ma ling." Subsequently, he was about the Jiangyin Municipal Public Security Bureau responsible for the case of the case of Ma Ling to eat a meal, and bought some cigarettes to them, cost about 10 thousand yuan. He also found the court system responsible for the case of the case of Ma Ling case. With the advance of Ma Ling case, the Hui brothers continue to give Xu Zhigao the money, but also to help Xu Hui brothers management. Jiang Deming told the court filings, Ma Ling in the case, the public security organs investigators many have accepted an invitation to dinner Xu Zhigao gifts, there are many other personnel were sent Xu Xing相关的主题文章: