Journey to Philippines all are met after being apart a long time


Milan white beach

7. Milan (Sumilon) day

the Cebu Island Southeast near Dumaguete Island, when I see the jingle journey to remember. An Island Hotel, so we travel is generally not considered. But for the special love to get out of the ordinary pseudo Wen Qing, this beautiful and famous places, for how I came back with a subtle and understated tone to mention inadvertently: the sea, only Su Milan only ~ ~

think of the effect of this kind of Zhuangbility, I can not help but fell to the Bluewater site, suddenly see promotions! Promotion oh!! (the specific amount of money I forgot last year is ~ ~) I set the room without demur and then print the order, carrying the order, think of themselves do finally spend more money for a return to the five star hotel, had Ligelang happy!

we took a bus from Cebu for more than three hours, and the driver told us to get off the bus! On the face of the blue sea, deep green and blue, happy to the reception of the Soviet Union in Milan. Tell people we set the room called what name, and then people look for a long time, that is not. I was anxious to come up with my orders, people look at, and regret to tell me: Mam~~ I ‘so sorry, you set in mint!

Oh No! Is there any other hotel on your website?

well, we have three BLUEWATER, in three different places..

WHAT? I’m shocked that my mouth is closed..

my companion and wind, two people looked at it, and then happy to go to the beach to take pictures, leaving me alone. Stay here for two days followed me everywhere, I know very confused and confusing, for any emergencies are unmoved either by gain or loss.

I know, they are to stay in space for me to play the ability to beg: I go all the way, from HK over, is like you here ah.. I am a foreigner, how do you know you have three hotels? I thought it was a ah, you have to help me in any case to arrange a ah, the staff dormitory is also OK ah, what? Today, in the mint not to live to collect money? Ah, I can not get through the fly you see I have more sincere, please help me ah ~ ~ ~ ~

Balabalabala… After half an hour of negotiations, they told me that some people can not stay in a room with the same promotional price to me, and then we set in the corresponding help us to extend the mint.

OH YEAH! To a mixed night, on the island!