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Korean media: 33 countries will participate in the Seoul security dialogue Chinese thad or because of absence – Sohu news [global network Roundup] according to Yonhap News reported on August 30th, South Korean Defense Ministry said on the 30, 2016 Seoul security dialogue (SDD) will be held in Seoul on September 7-9, the global 33 of the national defense high official and civilian security experts will meet in Seoul to discuss the North Korean nuclear issue and other security issues. Seoul security dialogue in 2016 ushered in the fifth session, the big theme of "multiple security crisis: challenges and Countermeasures", the theme in plenary meeting will be divided into 3 small theme held, including denuclearization of North Korea and international cooperation, maritime security cooperation, network security and defense cooperation. Reported that the United States, Russia, Japan, the United Kingdom and other 33 countries and 5 international institutions responsible for national defense officials, civil experts will attend. But China, who has never been absent from the meeting, is likely to be absent this year. South Korean Defense Ministry official said, has sent an invitation to China, but has not yet received a reply. Yonhap analysts believe that China may be due not to attend the deployment of anti missile system "Sade" discontent in South korea. South Korean officials said that in recent years, China has also informed the meeting a few days ago, is still waiting. Seoul security dialogue held once a year in 2012, held for the first time, aimed at the vice ministerial level multilateral dialogue mechanism, to provide regional peace and security dialogue for officials and experts of various countries, solutions for the Asia Pacific countries to discuss common security threats to create conditions.相关的主题文章: