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Learn English with Emmy Award: Sherlock down to earth in expression (Bilingual)         do not know yesterday we learn things have to remember? Today we bring you English "detective Sherlock damned bride" language to explain, the main contents of this section is Lestrade detective brought terror bride bizarre events for Sherlock, his brother also hope that he will investigate the matter and Mrs. Kamek recommended to Sherlock this to help threatened with death of her husband, and tonight, Sherlock Watson will face the bride with terror. I hope you learn yo!               1.You been swotting up?       you are just learning.         SWOT up: to study hard; hard lessons (usually CRAM) & nbsp;         swot: n: studying; hard worker; hard work; hard work hard at v:.         2.I m still inclined to four. "        I tend to four years         incline to: tendency. Bend; (2) (thought), tend to (make) in favor of           3.I thought you might be a little out of your depth there.         I think that case you will be overmatched         out of O Ne’s depth: – a human can feel; and; non… Can understand Antonyms: within one ‘s depth            4.One that hovers at our elbow on a daily basis.         every day they are often accompanied by our side         hover: flying, hovering &nbs clean相关的主题文章: