Lippi said to the national clear tactical requirements will not open a long

Lippi for the Orangemen provided clear tactical requirements that will not open long time meeting Lippi’s first training reporter Wang Xiaorui Kunming reported Haigen No. 16 training ground, thick canvas fence still used the Gao Hongbo era, closed training, seems to still not far away from the national team. In November 3rd, this is the first men’s soccer coach Lippi China training day. The first training session, the media are just 15 minutes from time, and heavily-guarded. And in the training ground, is reflected in another kind of strict – serious. When Lippi personally battle, demonstration guidance, this strict is a strict. Cloth to continue, the atmosphere is serious in the field of Haigeng training media and fans, is not strange. Early in July and August this year, Gao Hongbo led the national team to come here, to prepare to carry out the World Cup round of 12. Now, the national team composed of personnel, did not change much, but the protagonist has changed. Gao Hongbo is gone, world champion coach Lippi is here. Around the national team training field, familiar with the canvas in the text and logo and deja vu, the subject involved there is only one – the 2018 World Cup Asian zone qualifying round of 12. And there are some differences between Shenyang and Wuhan. For example, the use of the canvas area has expanded; before the training, no longer the passionate music accompaniment. Everything seemed so calm, but also revealed a chill in the air. Lippi, this set has a strong Italian style of the new coach group, just one appearance, attracted the attention of the crowd. The afternoon of November 2nd, when Lippi led his team arrived in Haigeng base, the hotel door has gathered a dozen reporters. Lippi is very popular, most people pick up the camera to take pictures, to commemorate this historic moment. There are also specially sent flowers for him, and handed a symbol of Yunnan customs of a drink. They are directed Lipilai, Chinese team 12 finals four round a flat three negative, everyone is looking forward to, it will help save the fox, qualify the situation in jeopardy. But Lippi is a very serious, even serious coach. Although this is the first training class took office, but the national team is only open for 15 minutes, at the same time, canceled the original routine interviews. The fox from entering into the training field, is a serious and serious face. Almost no preheating, he quickly put to work: first picked up an inflatable wall personally placed, followed by the pace of the distance between measuring props. Wait until the set wall props, he took the initiative to top up the ball, to experience football cheer effect…… On this day of training, the Italy old man’s serious efforts, from the very beginning is revealed no doubt. International meeting, Lippi himself in the concise and comprehensive training, and did not look too much. Behind the serious image, more like a focus on training business. But, I do not know this is the world’s largest coach inherent dignity, or the grim situation makes him some pressure. The day before the start of training, Lippi did not have too much of his speech, concise and comprehensive expression. According to the players reflect, that is, training purposes, P相关的主题文章: