Liu Xiaochuan Confucius traveled around the world, like a homeless

Liu Xiaochuan: Confucius traveled around the world, like a homeless [Abstract] Confucius is an old man to travel around the world, such as the shape of a juvenile lofty ideals and high aspirations, like a homeless dog. Hungry to eat bark, irrigation water, the dream of the hometown of Qufu steamed pig delicious. A hungry, a piano, lectures, story. Master a week for decades about the world, what to eat bran to swallow grass? This paper from the "sages and China", Liu Xiaochuan, the Writers Publishing House, July 2016 Confucius traveled around the world, the source network around 496 BC, the fifty-five year old Confucius left the country, traveling for more than and 10 years, from the white bearded man swam as white, tens of thousands of miles fatigued by a long journey. He wants to find an ideal country to implement his dream rites, reconstruction of the order, the end of the world disputes, return of Yao and shun road. Clear vision, clear direction, the bottom line is: Confucius fenjiubige descendants insight into the historical trend. Perhaps farming civilization and Chinese culture have this powerful cohesion. The Chinese nation has a change of direction, toward unification. Confucius led a group of their own ability to the disciples, long bumpy, from a state to another state. Sometimes eat well, sometimes I’m very hungry. Master big eat and eat well, in a leisurely manner. I eat slowly, maybe his stomach is not good. Good at business Zigong eat elegant. Strong shouldered road a half a pie, ate quickly slipped to the secluded teeth, look nice. "The book of Rites" provisions, not openly teeth. Confucius has spent three years in the state of Wei, Wei Ling for his beauty delicacy America, "Feng six meters stone", finally decided to use him in a euphemistic way sent him. One day, Wei Ling stared at the air geese don’t, Confucius beside say ah ah, lips turned tired, tongue numbness, Weiling still watching the geese, beneath contempt, breath blowing beard. So the next day, master to pack up, with his disciples. Some students complain, frustration, and teacher of Emperor Hill (now Henan) gates, only a sigh. Confucius decades, experienced too many ups and downs. It is said that the Confucian sage gave birth to ugly, father was almost not to him, aunt two mother and nine sisters, a disabled brother, had a good face. When he blame the poor, what do the dirty work, "many things", partners also bullied him. Grow up, unreasonable, more than once beat him…… A preacher who shakes to sway toward the distance, "Ye Kuang day low tree, emerges with the neighbor". The Central Plains, Hubei, Shandong, Saint carriage one day old, babbling, day 100, feather store overnight. "Chicken acoustic Maodian, deserted bridge frost." Weak disciples riding horses, persons walking, one holding the vision for the future. A sallow he just does not go, always left behind, he once lost several days, are anxious students, laborious to find him back from the wilderness. The teacher said: back ah, thought you were dead. He bowed to inform you that the teacher was still alive, the disciples did not dare to die. This simple dialogue between teachers and students, then became the classic two thousand and five hundred years. It ‘s honour the teacher and respect his teaching. The song is Confucius ancestors fief, Confucius)相关的主题文章: