Liuyang 14 year old girl crawling 10 years into the biggest desire (video) xpphone

Liuyang 14 year old girl crawling 10 years into the biggest wish of the original title: Liuyang 14 year old girl crawling 10 years into the biggest desire and the other girls dream princess, 14 year old Xiao Qing (a pseudonym) just dream of one day like a princess, stand up. Red Net News November 5th Changsha with other girls’ dream princess, 14 year old Xiao Qing (a pseudonym) is the dream of one day to stand like a princess, wearing a beautiful flower skirt to school. At the age of 4, double strephenopodia Xiao Qing, the horseshoe shaped, 10 years has been unable to stand up and walk, but suffer from family economic difficulties and can not accept treatment. In order to carry out surgical treatment, at the age of 16 in November 3rd, Xiao Qing’s father took his daughter Changsha treatment. Family: mother ran away from home and family to make the treatment delayed in 2002, Xiao Qing was born in Liuyang Town Sun crane source community, parents are the real farmers. One family although had poor but also is happiness. But in 2006, Xiao Qing began limping walk. His father found abnormal, take her to the Xiangya Hospital for examination immediately, hospital diagnosed Xiao Qing suffered a horseshoe foot, and tell the parents if Xiao Qing to 16 years do not wait until after surgery, bone forming will no longer have the potential for cure. Due to a poor family, the family has been unable to pay for the treatment of small qing. In the small clearance at the age of 5, my mother can not stand the poor family and daughter of the disease, the final choice away from home, leaving a small Qing and the father, mainly rely on subsistence allowances and father every day to go out doing odd jobs to maintain the livelihoods of two people, and the small clear disease is delayed. Disease: double foot crawl 10 years, learning to walk is worn small and badly mutilated the other girls like pure and lovely, but with the feet are not the same as normal, sole and instep flip 90 degrees, feet is curved, walk to cramp, stand up at all. Walk like a pain so she can not go to school, just rely on television in the home office and learning mandarin. Walking is a simple thing for ordinary people, but for small Qing is her greatest wish. With the growth of age, Xiao Qing more eager to be able to stand like the same age children. So, she always leaning on the wall, on the tenacious will, Renzhaojutong walking, feet are often friction badly mutilated. It is a pity that such a wrong practice, not only did not make themselves stand up, bear the weight of the body of the legs become more serious, serious damage to the joint of the feet. There is a school about two kilometers away from home, but it is even more accessible to Xiao qing. Treatment: expected to cure, but surgery costs 200 thousand still unfunded children in order to achieve the dream of walking, in the last two years ago, a small Qing father with a small Qing Jiang came to Liuyang Hospital Department of orthopedics and Akitoshi hospital, invited Changsha ring Department of orthopedics hospital department of orthopedics director Li Zheng Li Zhengliang said that good consultation, Xiao Qing the possibility of a cure, but because of poverty is difficult to raise 200 thousand of the cost of the operation, such as delay in treatment of Xiao Qing may face a lifetime can not stand the fate. November 3rd, Xiao Qing went to the Department of orthopedics department of orthopedics, Changsha annual ring treatment. Li Zhengliang said, trapped相关的主题文章: