Lotto 16127th forecast period one road is cut – Sohu

Lotto 16127th forecast period: one road is cut – a Sohu lottery prize number out of 1113161924 + 0608, the front region and the value reached 83, the company opened 0 group, post 2 award date all the even. Comprehensive analysis of 2016127 big lottery recommended: recommended values were: the period from the distributed number 3, from the recent distributed trend, a new period excluding recommended values were 3, 4, 8. 012 special points: 5 numbers in the period before the area 012 than 1:3:1, according to a recent analysis of 012 comprehensive trend, 16127 note 0 increase in number, 1 road is cut. Complex interval prediction: the period of isolation in complex than 0:2:3 out, the recent re isolation in the lottery to skewness portfolio, estimate the next period codes will be at least 4 seats. Average value: the average value of the 126 period is about 17, and the average value of the average value is dominant in the near period. It is suggested that the average value of the next phase is 1-2. Three area ratio: ratio of zone three on the issue of 1:4:0, the overall trend showed chuhao skewness, this period value third interval of at least 2 Award Date covering.相关的主题文章: