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IBM chairman Luo Ruilan walked into the Tsinghua: on IBM transformation and artificial intelligence, IBM’s chairman, President and CEO Luo Ruilan of sina technology policy side Sina Technology News Beijing time on October 13th evening news, IBM chairman, President and CEO Luo Ruilan (Ginni Rometty) tonight at the school of economics and management of Tsinghua University held a theme of "transition toward cognitive commerce era the theme of the speech, and dialogue with the dean of the College of Qian Yingyi. Luo Ruilan has joined the company as a system engineer in 1981, IBM, chairman of the board of directors, President and CEO in 2012, she is also the first woman in the history of the IBM company CEO. In his speech, Luo Ruilan first mentioned the two key words of this speech – digital transformation and cognitive computing. She pointed out that in recent years, big data, block chain technology has become a hot industry, which is a lot of information generated in the last two years. Most of the information, such as pictures, video and other unstructured data, in the past, the computer is not efficient for such problems, the emergence of IBM cognitive system is to solve this kind of information digestion and interpretation. Cognitive computing system can need not be programmed to self learning, but Luo Ruilan does not agree with the understanding of IBM (cognition) system is the equivalent of artificial intelligence (AI), she believes that artificial intelligence is just a part of the cognitive system, cognitive system also includes many other aspects. Subsequently, she introduced (IBM) as an example of the cognitive system (Watson). Watson is well known for participating in the American quiz show, "dangerous edge.". But Watson’s ability is more than that, IBM also used it in the medical profession to help doctors diagnose disease. In cancer treatment, 99% of cases, Watson found the same information with the discovery of human experts. But in 1% of cases, it found a better course of treatment from a completely different perspective. There are more than 8000 research papers published in the field of cancer each day, and Watson spent only a week reading out 25 million papers, with all the knowledge a cancer specialist needs to know. Talking about the relationship between IBM and China, Luo Ruilan talked about the previous cooperation in traditional industries, such as personal computers and banking. As for the artificial intelligence Watson, IBM said plans and 21 hospitals nationwide launched a cooperation in the treatment of tumor. In addition, IBM is also promoting the Green Horizon Project in China, that is, using artificial intelligence to predict and solve the problem of environmental pollution in china. Qian Yingyi, President of the school of economics and management,, after the end of the dialogue with the president of Tsinghua University, Dean of the school of economics and management,, Qian Yingyi dialogue with the beginning of the dialogue with the president of the Tsinghua University. Conversation between the two sides, including the transformation of IBM business, artificial intelligence and cooperation issues with apple and other issues. Luo Ruilan said IBM has been in transition, from a Hard Suits Inc into a 90% business for software and services technology companies, IBM in recent years, sold $8 billion in business, and acquisitions.相关的主题文章: