Malaysia Dan Lu beach has beautiful beaches and clear water prices are also cheap

Malaysia Tanjung Rhu beach in the northeast corner of Langkawi, Langkawi is the most beautiful beach, a beach and Langkawi, Tanjung Rhu also has beautiful beaches and clear water, but the difference is, compared with other beaches, here visitors rare quiet leisure.

users little thunder travel in micro-blog to share his experience in Malaysia travel:

Malaysia, Sri Lanka Weidan flocking Shandong beach, Langkawi is located in the Northeast end. Opposite kedawang beach here to be low-key, quiet a lot. And the distance is relatively far from cenang beach, a head, a West end.

A forest of pine

coast, around the beach is very primitive feeling, no development, very quiet.

prices are also relatively cheap, whether it is food or buy goods. In the seaside restaurant to eat a meal, ordered a fresh coconut, egg noodles, as well as fried chicken, it took 16RM.

Dan Lu Lu beach also has beautiful beaches and clear water, after seeing here also just can not return to the original road, continue to circle the island a week, to the direction of Sky Cab.