Meet Sanya, look at the sea, in the 3016th days of acquaintance

[travel start]

to travel with a wedding is not me, but my good friend and her wife Xin Ye Binbin, me, of course, is a photographer.

Xin Ye have been more than five years, our university in a school but not in a professional, a coincidence that we are in the year of the hospital Student Youth Association practice, so just know, that time was 2011, we were so young.

time is a Shazhu Dao, just graduated from the University for more than a year, our friendship is not with graduation and pale, but more and more to the right direction, such a friendship, it is difficult to let people do not cherish.

Xin Ye is one of the Curve Wrecker hundred-percent, not only the exam easily, the key is the ability is strong, this is the most I admire the place, after all, I was a basic ability for slag zero. After four years of software engineering, it was more than a year after graduation, even the program enlightenment Hello World do not know how to write.

Xin Ye this year is definitely a winner in life, buy a house, buy a car, at the end of the wife actually married, please allow me to offer my knee.


is good friends, a lot of things, and Xin Binbin I have participated in, often go to his home meal or go out to play is not to say, back to Sichuan to receive a marriage certificate when I have a driver who drove more than 1 thousand kilometers away from Sichuan.

this trip together with Sanya wedding photo shoot, but also set free two months ago, the studio of the old master routines too much, so I am on the amateur wedding photographer on board to play, look at the trailer.



Xin Ye Binbin

Xin Ye and Binbin students, at the day of November 18, 2016, they met for 3000 days, I baizhaozhitou calculated (later or with a calculator), that is to say they have been more than eight years.

eight years in my opinion is quite a long time, has successfully passed the "three years of pain, feelings of danger, the seven year itch" entered a relatively stable state of feeling, a feeling like this is really very envious.

, as usual, on this very special day of 3000 days,;