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Michelle Chen "Grandpa Christina 38" won the praise of buy buy buy share shopping experience – Sohu Michelle Chen entertainment "Grandpa Christina 38" poster "Grandpa Christina 38" new photo stills Michelle Chen Sohu entertainment news by Michelle Chen Tong Dawei starred in the comedy "Grandpa decompression Christina 38" today at the national release, this is the first time Michelle Chen full comedy show. In the film, she not only put himself into the soil to the dregs of the "fashion Village Flower", also said a "Hu Jian" (Fujian) accent, no idol burden, very go. Release of the film is obviously very excited, especially in the afternoon of November 10th, Michelle Chen micro-blog posted a film episode "fans make buy buy buy" kichiku version of the video, while reminding everyone "Grandpa Christina 38" released in November 11th, while not forgetting Tucao said "is now Amway, because I know that nearly 12 p.m. no one to me. Listen to cut the hand of the Divine Comedy, I also want to arrange shopping car prices to buy buy buy, smart writing not only attracted many users praise, also including He Jiong, Kevin Tsai, Angelababy, Ni Ni and other star friends forwarding support. "Hu Jian village"? The city, Michelle Chen won the praise of premiere comedy potential "Grandpa Christina 38" tells the story of Michelle Chen played by the single mother Tang Huiru Trinidad father, with his little son He Zhiwu never met Grandpa airborne (Tong Dawei) home, under the same roof zusun three generation wipe out countless sparks comedy. The first comedy show, Michelle Chen very carefully. Director Ann Bingji think stylist for Michelle Chen style "too cute", Michelle Chen took the initiative to "self destruct" — deliberately painted eyebrows thick, color coated, hair messy hot curly hair. She searched a lot of information on the Internet pictures, research in the end, Tang Huiru should be dressed in what kind of growth in rural areas to meet her background. Indeed, Michelle Chen also specially invited a friend in Fujian with the Fujian accent all lines recorded, and then repeatedly repeat. Tang Huiru to participate in the singing contest of a play, the singer was also reminded of the origin of Michelle Chen himself, how to better interpret a music rookie, you can not be very professional, but to have a process. For example, start with nervousness, sing a paragraph suddenly broke out, and then the people involved". This time, "Grandpa Christina 38" was held in a number of domestic city point mapping. The design of nuanced interpretation and comedy full of fresh Michelle Chen received a lot of praise from the audience. Some said that "Michelle Chen in the film the other while soil, but the super sense of humour, look very happy, did not expect the comedian Shen Jiayi and potential", but also the audience on a micro-blog message "dare to admire Michelle Chen from the black" and "drunk" was heard that, ‘Tucao’ dumplings Michelle Chen said, "bag" when the buns are very cute ah ‘super open". "Buy buy buy" magic around the original Michelle Chen admit obsessive Michelle Chen "Grandpa Christina 38" concert episode "buy buy buy" also won the praise, the easy catchy melody with Swiss lyrics and Michelle Chen qiao.相关的主题文章: