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MLB will grab seven grams of Huangzhu Zhan Wade: Chicago city luck win [collection] rocket Knight 120-128 harden burst cut 41 + 15 victory over Erwin James and Wade Tencent sports news November 3rd NBA is recognized as a good brother, but because the MLB World Championship (the final), two people have obvious opposing views. James blessing gram city baseball team, and Wade said the Chicago win. Zhan Weigen this year’s NBA finals, MLB World Series MLB also hit grab seven battle of life and death. The two sides of the Cleveland Indians in a 3-1 lead in the case by the Chicago cubs won two games, the total score of the game 3-3. The two teams will play the most exciting Seven World War later today. For James and Wade, they are strong supporters of the home team. James repeatedly led his Cavaliers teammates, watching the Indians game, cheering for them. Wade is also full of confidence in the cubs, and even online gambling with James. "If the cubs win the world cup, when the knight guest Chicago, James must bear the full set of wear Jersey in the gym. Of course, if the last Indian team won, when the bulls to Cleveland, I’ll wear the Indians of the full set of uniforms to the arena." Wade said, "brother, good luck." In the MLB World War seven before the start of the war, James updated personal twitter, bless their support of the Indian team. "Grab seven is the greatest of the professional sports of the two words. Good luck to the Indians tonight. Do the moment, naturally there will be results. # true unity. "James wrote in the. James Knight rate reversal warriors at 1-3 behind the case, won the team history first championship trophy. If Indians can win grab seven, means that Cleveland will NBA and MLB won the trophy in one year is double happiness. Let the city become the focus of attention in the United States sports, which is the most wanted to see James. But as a Chicago man, Wade is also looking forward to bear the title of more than a century to end the drought. Local time on Wednesday’s training ground, in a reporter asked about the MLB World War Seven World War II, Wade once again expressed his confidence in the cubs win. "I hope the cubs will win the seven game, so I will win a bet with James." Wade smiled and said, "I don’t want to lose to James. Now that I’ve put my bet on the cubs, it’s natural to expect them to win a long time ago." (Sean) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: