Monet hit a record auction out 559 million Haystack – the new racquet masterpieces t420s

Monet hit a record auction "haystack" out of 559 million – Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Yi Xiaoyan) New York’s shooting time the evening of November 16th, Monet masterpiece "haystack" appeared in New York, Christie’s Impressionist and modern art at auction ", for $81 million 447 thousand and 500 (about 559 million yuan) turnover, refresh the Monet the works of the world auction record. "Haystack" series of about 25 Works, is considered to be the difficulty of Monet 50 year life of the largest and most exceptional works. This film is considered to be the "most daring form" series of dry hay on a Monet "haystack" series of works, fall into the hands of a private collector in the market of rare paintings. The picture depicts a pile of hay, partly interrupted by the edge of the canvas, which transcends the limits of naturalism. Christie’s auction said that night, "" the hay auction time lasted for 14 minutes, the auction includes many buyers inside and 4 telephone commission. In the end, this piece of film to shoot 81 million 447 thousand and 500 U.S. dollars (about $559 million) of the high price, the price is about 1.8 times before the shoot, which also hit the Monet’s Impressionist master’s latest auction record. It is understood that before the Monet auction record is to shoot from 2008 Christie’s London a "sleeping" lotus, was sold for $80 million 400 thousand.相关的主题文章: