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Hundreds of students to participate in the "free training" in the loan crisis — Education — original title: hundreds of students in the loan in "free training" storm which was originally a commitment to "free" students training: training fees to students loans million yuan, training institutions are responsible for monthly commitment to repay principal and interest of loans. However, after a period of operation in this free game, the name "Beijing Phoenix elite culture communication limited liability company" (hereinafter referred to as the "Phoenix elite company" – reporters note) the institutions email claimed that capital chain rupture, or bankruptcy, resulting in the suspension of repayment for the students. From Beijing, Shandong, Hunan, Hubei, Zhejiang, more than college students before Chinese told the Youth Daily reporter? Youth online, they have no source of income, "free" is an important factor in attracting and training, but they are now not only to repay the loan, there are people or for some months overdue repayment and leave a bad credit record. According to statistics of the students involved, there are at least 120 applicants loans more than 2 million 410 thousand yuan, of which, the Phoenix elite company has repayment of about 780 thousand yuan, the students have to advance their own more than 340 thousand yuan, there are about 1 million 290 thousand yuan principal did not return. In Fu Qingwei shareholders, Beijing Sport University students entrepreneurial elite Phoenix company to operate the training project, temporarily unable to repay on time because the company has encountered operating difficulties, ongoing business restructuring, financing needs a period of time. Fu Qingwei promised not to apply for bankruptcy, but the specific repayment time is not good, may be six months, a year, but not too long". A loan of 19 thousand and 800 yuan for the "free elite class training" in August last year, Beijing University of Chemical Technology student Zhang Yifan to see the students in the circle of friends is a public number released by WeChat "star elite" training notice. His classmates when forwarding wrote "the bag eats, free of charge". Directed at the "free" two words, in addition to the friends of the trust, Zhang Yifan want to idle is idle, to enroll in courses. This is the "eighth course elite class", for a period of 6 days, the contents of training, training, coaching and devil simulation games, located in Beijing science and technology Career Technical College. During the training, Zhang Yifan signed an agreement, the original, the so-called "free" is to "students personal loans, the monthly repayment of the company’s commitment to" form. Zhang Yifan recalls, at that time a class of more than and 30 people, many of the students in the corridor outside the classroom one by one signature. He admitted that he did not think too much, because it is the trust in friends, and the agreement is written to repay the company will put it down in black and white". This agreement is made payable to "personal growth" investment agreement, Party A Party B as "Fu Qingwei", "Zhang yifan". Agreement, Party B through the Beijing bank loans to pay the course fee 19 thousand and 800 yuan, after the approval of the money, the company needs to be transferred to the designated account of the elite company. Since then, the Party B instead of bank loans. Industrial and commercial publicity information display, Fu Qingwei Phoenix elite’s shareholders, supervisors. The company registered capital of 1 million yuan, disclosure of the annual report of 2015相关的主题文章: