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Mount Yuelu wasps sting dozens of visitors abandon overnight rescue staff reunion Changsha evening news (reporter Peng Fang Yang Fang correspondent) yesterday, Mount Yuelu yourenruzhi. At 16:20 PM, wasps sting suddenly appeared in the nearby visitors crowded sightseeing cable car ticket office. Dozens of stings visitors were rushed to the fourth hospital of Changsha. The hospital more than 30 health care workers to give up the Mid Autumn Festival, the night to rescue the wounded reinforcements. Changsha city 120 west station received the call for help, quickly sent 3 ambulances rushed to the site of the incident, the 48 by the wasp stings tourists rushed to nearby Changsha City Fourth hospital. The hospital emergency department immediately launched the emergency procedures, all doctors and nurses to give up vacations, rushed reinforcements. General hospital and hospital leaders received a report on duty, emergency dispatch of medical department and nursing department, Department of general surgery, Department of Neurology, Department of Dermatology, pediatrics and other relevant departments responsible person and medical personnel rushed to the emergency department guidance, into the rescue. As of press time reporter, 18 injured admitted to hospital, the rest in the emergency stay. From Yiyang, Mr. Liu said at the time, many tourists near the cable car to the ticket booth, it is said that someone was stung by a hornet, taking photos at hand the death of one of the results caused by wasps revolt and tourists, a mess, it is difficult to evacuate, three of them have been stung. "Autumn is the season of the hornet’s nest, wasp is extraordinarily sensitive to disturb, easy to sting." Fourth hospital emergency department director Huang Yancheng Changsha, wasps generally do not take the initiative to attack people, sting incidents most people take the initiative to attack in the hive of reprisals, there are also some cosmetics smell similar to natural fragrance, easily mistaken as a wasp bee. Huang Yan reminded, Lu Yu hive, the best around, if attacked, do not fight back; in case of wasp attack, first with clothes wrapped in head and neck, huddled motionless. From the wasps sting venom containing neurogenic or blood toxin, have significant effects on the cardiovascular system, respiratory system. The wasp sting, should immediately seek medical treatment. Original title: insurance, Mount Yuelu wasps sting dozens of visitors warm, give up overnight rescue staff reunion相关的主题文章: