My brother! The man was called love Memorial wreath.

My brother! The man was called love Memorial wreath proposed public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Source: Kam Yu Taiwan original title: boyfriend use wreath propose to me, and I went to go into the grave! The afternoon of November 3rd, Chongqing University near the city, a man holding a wreath in front of a beautiful young woman to marry! The wreath also written a word: I love you. Good brother Word, this is the first time I see with wreaths of marriage, creative effect is bleak, after which you can meet. The man to the beauty and then propose the onlookers at the scene very much, many people take pictures with a mobile phone, a girl face Meng force, angry go. According to witnesses, the girl finally said foul, thrown face away. The crowd booed. Only a small people in the cold, shivering? The man sent a wreath to his girlfriend man holding a wreath of friends said, so long is the first time to see someone with wreaths. Some people doubt the man was in retaliation or speculation, also the netizen commented: "he just wanted to prove that marriage is the tomb of love, holding a wreath is pay homage to this lost love." I think the idea is good, but in the face of so many people do this thing is not a mature man should do mature things. Take a wreath to commemorate the passing of love in the end, or to propose posture is not right. Recent entertainment marriage is so hot, you should like them to learn from. 1, Wallace Huo Ruby Lin and Ruby Lin Wallace Huo on the recent net spray couple is really generous with their slobber, forcing Ruby Lin to use legal weapons to protect their own interests, can only say that the network mob and spraying and cherish. Someone broke the Wallace Huo proposal plot, when Wallace Huo and friends of secret hiding in the home, when Ruby Lin opened the door to her home immediately sprinkle petals, Ruby Lin pleasantly surprised laughter from the room after Wallace Huo took a big diamond ring to kneel down to marry him. Such a surprise and romantic proposal also worried that the girls do not promise it? Wallace Huo, Ruby Lin, Jay Chou 2 Kunling week king and King’s wedding so that we moved for a long time, do not know all of their wedding to remember how many. According to Kun Ling revealed that at the time Jay Chou proposed marriage in a restaurant, and then there was a total of 5 restaurants in this restaurant to marry him, it seems premeditated. Jay Chou, Yang Mi, Hawick Lau 3 Kunling power and Hawick Lau power is the entertainment model couple, but the marriage ceremony is very simple, the large power power to locaion, Hawick Lau will ring directly to the hands of Yang Mi, also said, with can’t take down oh. No one knee, no flowers, although not very romantic, but Yang Mi is still very moved. Yang Mi, these are the right way to marry the proposal, the young man still want to learn a little bit more ah, ah, Hawick Lau. Even if the marriage is the tomb of love, you can not do so in this form, ah, you can not be too nervous girls scold! In a word, marriage proposal, or to take good care of! I wish the world lovers get married! More exciting content please pay attention @相关的主题文章: