Nanjing 102 institutions to recruit 335 of the total number of people recruited into the 93% marie digby

102 Nanjing institutions to recruit 335 people total recruitment number 93% into the editing followed by the second half of Jiangsu provincial institutions recruitment, Nanjing and Social Council yesterday also announced the 2016 second half of Nanjing institutions open recruitment of staff notice. Reporters saw, Nanjing, district 102 institutions, a total of 283 jobs to recruit a total of 335 people. Among them, 312 can be compiled, accounting for 93% of the total number of employees. Reporters saw the Nanjing public institutions to recruit a wide distribution. One major focus of an institution in Nanjing city housing security and Housing Bureau, Nanjing city media Bureau, the Nanjing Municipal Planning Commission, such as the Nanjing City real estate market transaction management center to recruit 8 people, Nanjing city Xuanwu Lake management office to recruit 11 people. All belonged to the institutions recruitment but also, ranging from the number, some institutions of the conditions are relatively hard, also has the minimum length of service, such as the Lishui area funeral home a "funeral service" positions, to recruit 2 people, recruiting the remarks wrote directly the position difficult conditions, for men, in the district within the minimum service life of 5 years (including probation)". The recruitment requirements for education is not high. The reporter found from the recruitment, 254 undergraduate students can enroll nearly 90% jobs. Fresh graduates can also report 63%. Yesterday, the provincial institutions and the second half of this part of the job recruitment, to college-graduate village official. For example, Liuhe District, the first library recruitment comprehensive management of a post, it is limited to college students to apply for a village official. College-graduate village official, is refers to in the city has the full three years and passed the examination, is still in the city village (community) Office of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing City Organization Department selected the college-graduate village official agency. The institution recruitment registration time is November 4th -11 8, candidates can log in Nanjing personnel examination network () registration. Written by personnel examination center of the unified organization, does not specify the examination materials, written time is December 10th, and the Jiangsu provincial institutions open recruitment written test time is on the same day, so people have to make a choice from the. Jinling Evening News (reporter Qian Jianfen)相关的主题文章: