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New changes: 2017 Zhejiang college entrance examination enrollment and college entrance examination in advance regardless of Arts and industry summit early warning: change has come to break the industry after the reform of the college entrance examination enrollment on the summit of these candidates still miserable consultant transition or eliminated the college entrance examination of college entrance examination revealed pre planning white paper industry summit process first look since the college entrance examination subject contest requirements summary three candidates how to counter attack since the school test for what professional school admission points ranking key recommended colleges of Zhejiang new college entrance examination enrollment way just released. 2017 is the first year of full implementation of the comprehensive reform of college entrance examination in Zhejiang Province, in order to meet the need of reform, Zhejiang province adjust the enrollment of college entrance examination in recent years during the Spring Festival, the new college entrance examination ahead of time; in accordance with the new scheme of college entrance examination, college applicants will no longer be the division of Arts and sciences. So, the specific procedures and rules are how? What are the new changes? Together to focus. College entrance examination enrollment: two months in advance, the division of Arts and sciences are no longer all candidates registered for the 2017 college enrollment (including all kinds of art and sports, independent recruitment, comprehensive evaluation of three-in-one enrollment, vocational advance enrollment and sports training professional, martial arts and national traditional sports professional individual enrollment, recommended students are required to participate in the registration etc.). You focus on whether to meet the requirements for household staff in our province: to abide by the Constitution and laws of People’s Republic of China; senior secondary school graduate or equivalent; physical condition in accordance with the relevant requirements. Mainlanders Suiqian children in our province in accordance with the above household staff shall comply with the conditions apply, shall comply with the "Office of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government Department of education and other 4 departments < on mainlanders migrant workers Suiqian children receive compulsory education in our province to participate in the entrance examination work to implement the views of the > notice" (Zhejiang, [2012]160) requirements. Note that the children are not allowed in the inflow and outflow of the two places at the same time to participate in college entrance examination. Foreign nationals: in addition to comply with the above household staff in our province shall comply with the conditions apply, but also at the Chinese settlement, held the province’s public security organs issued "People’s Republic of China foreigners permanent residence permit". The junior class candidates: candidates approved by the Ministry of education has the juvenile class qualification of university students, must according to the request of the university to apply for qualification, through the audit, issued by the register certificate, to the local county (city, district) admissions examination for registration. Juvenile class candidates are not allowed to enroll in other colleges and universities admission. The following personnel shall not sign: higher school education with higher academic qualifications of the students, or have been higher school admission and keep the admission of students; senior middle school non graduating students in senior secondary education; non graduating year to false illegal means to register and attend college entrance exam graduates; in the past year to participate in the national education examination, because of illegal fraud has been suspended in college entrance examination is still in the period of suspension of punishment; in breach of the criminal law by the relevant departments to take coercive measures or who is serving. Focus two enter oneself for an examination相关的主题文章: