Newspaper articles about the corruption the military should be less than chuichuipaipai dedicated Mi

Newspaper articles about the corruption: the military should be less than chuichuipaipai hard – Sohu Military Channel Map: the people’s Liberation Army soldiers. It is said that because of corruption and sacked the former party secretary of Guangzhou Wan Qingliang has a "super sports talent", he took part in the football match, scoring is always the most; in the dragon boat contest, always learning swimming, the team won; only the water three times can first cross rivers. Does Wan Qingliang really have this ability? No, because there are people who love to butter him up, all kinds of honor to him. But he also liked it, for a variety of reclame zhaodanquanshou and proud. If the corruption and bribery, corruption if a swindle, similarly, accepting subordinates, is also a kind of curry favour chuichuipaipai, corruption, which is characterized in that the spirit of accept bribes, abuse to Ukena vanity, destruction of the traditional virtues of the party, damage subordinate affair, contributing to bureaucracy, opinionated, official master bad style and in the course of time, will inevitably become the party does not accept the teachings, not to accept the special supervision of the masses of Party members. Wan Qingliang finally embarked on the legal bench, the reason can not say that it does not have a great relationship. Our party has always emphasized a pure internal relationship. The party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee clearly pointed out: "the party are not allowed to engage in lalacheche, chuichuipaipai, curry favour." Put forward the specific requirements, which is to prevent some of the leading cadres in lalacheche, chuichuipaipai, curry favour destroyed the party’s principles, undermine the work style of the party, while the relationship between bad comrade, prevent the following comrades become a top leader cadres somehow become overbearing. At the same time, it is also an important measure to prevent the secularization and vulgarization of Inner Party relations. Some of the reasons for the emergence of such unhealthy atmosphere, on the one hand is undoubtedly affected by the feudal ideology and culture. China in traditional culture, there is a lot of "slip to" "fart song" "addicted to scab" story behind each story is a farce, chuichuipaipai curry favour. In real life people but its as living standard, think that it can benefit from them, such as the love and promotion of life care, give some sweetness. On the other hand, some leading cadres and their vanity, when the cost per unit of the Department of soil emperor, king of the mountain, I hope someone around all day, flattery flattery, to show his tall, dignified. "The king of Chu waist, the palace more starved to death". Leading cadres have this hobby, it is inevitable that someone crawling along the pole. Can imagine, an organization, a unit with this atmosphere, how can the existence of righteousness? A ruling party what to rely on to win the people’s support? Rely on scientific decision-making and strive to promote social development and progress, to seek the best interests of the masses. The troops have succeeded in carrying out an assignment by what? To fight and win the battle by force, not by war to the enemy soldiers. However, these can be between the upper and lower levels, the improper relationship between comrades? The answer is just on the contrary, improper relationship will only kill poison, spirit and spiritual decadence, making the lofty ambition into talk. The establishment of a new socialist regime is hard to dry out, to achieve prosperity and development of reform and opening up is hard to do?相关的主题文章: