Ningbo eight year old uncle eat moldy oatmeal reluctant to acute pancreatitis stellarium

Ningbo eight year old uncle eat moldy oatmeal reluctant to acute pancreatitis 86 year old Uncle Wang, because it is not willing to waste an expired moldy bag of oatmeal, a serious illness — got acute pancreatitis treated in the hospital for several days, is still not completely out of danger. Eat a bag of oatmeal expired moldy old man vomiting abdominal pain was sent to the hospital by Uncle Wang is Ningbo people, although usually some hypertension and diabetes and other old problems, but the control is also good, life can take care of themselves, and so has his wife live, not "to" children. Uncle Wang is a new China earlier a group of intellectuals, a retired senior engineer, several children living in good condition, arguably, his worry about food and clothing, but he and his wife and a lifetime, still keep the habit of live. Rice and salt, fruit and seafood…… The children choose good quality Gesanchaiwu sent to the old, but the two old people always do not want to eat, but also often go to the supermarket to buy food market, discount, home all kinds of food is the backlog, the shelf life, did not eat. Uncle Wang, in particular, said, "nothing, nothing," never waste. Home leftovers, never throw away, hot meal to eat. On Sunday morning, Uncle Wang turned out home "inventory" — a bag of oatmeal, he did not remember how long to buy oatmeal. About eight points, because he can not see the eyes of cataract, and groping the oatmeal flush, warm drinking. An hour later, Wang Bobo felt sick and started to vomit, and after a while he had a bad stomach. The children rushed to call his wife, daughter rushed to see Uncle Wang to eat oatmeal is long overdue, and moldy, green mold. They rushed to Uncle Wang was sent to the hospital. The abnormal situation of Uncle Wang diagnosed acute pancreatitis and organ emergency to the hospital because of abdominal pain, Wang Bobo speechless, shortness of breath, urine decreased, medical examination found that heart lung and kidney are abnormal, and the heart rate is very fast, with rapid atrial fibrillation. While the rescue, while check the condition: according to the index amylase and CT examination results, Uncle Wang was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, because older, poor resistance, multiple organ problems, which belongs to moderate acute pancreatitis. Hospital chief physician Yuan Xiaogang, is the second largest pancreatic digestive gland body after liver, both endocrine and exocrine function, is located in the second lumbar level. Pancreatitis is a disease of the pancreas caused by the self digestion of trypsin. Acute pancreatitis can be classified as mild, moderate and severe. In general, biliary tract disease, drinking, overeating, eating greasy, infection can cause acute pancreatitis, most patients have symptoms of abdominal pain, some patients with early onset of acute pancreatitis accompanied by nausea and vomiting, stop exhaust defecation and other symptoms, some patients also fever, jaundice, blood sugar disorder etc.. "Once these symptoms, do not drag, especially in moderate and severe acute pancreatitis, treatment is not timely guide.相关的主题文章: