No haze perfect destination, let us stay away from haze bar

recently not only haze raging throughout the earth, also invaded the whole circle of friends, some people say that by the end of 2016 to early 2017 this winter, Chinese is facing the most suffering in the winter, everyday eyes pull the curtains, nearby buildings roads have disappeared, in addition to anti haze masks, also became a test friendship props, wearing masks can recognize each other’s true feelings, families with kids looking out of the window of the scene is long locked, many people consider the living environment of the problem seriously.

recommended the domestic destination

hide haze

[ comfortable cozy Xiamen ]

Xiamen is one of the beautiful Deer Hide haze, the ideal destination for warm weather, and no price in Hainan. Ride a bicycle tour around the island, the taste of Xiamen snacks, the day Gulangyu Islet walking to see, very comfortable.

[ ski destination Chongli ]

around the city of Beijing, Zhangjiakou air quality is relatively good performance, after all, is a successful bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics city. Chongli is the Zhangjiakou City area if the South friends want to experience the world and do not want to Snow gleams white. journey too Laughton, here is a good choice for skiing and avoid haze, , Youlemei Wanlong, Genting, too dense court dance, the Great Wall ridge and many other high-quality skiing field selection.

[ seasons like spring in Kunming ]

Kunming spring in the cold winter also fascinating, not to mention plus suck haze. , delicious Yunnan food and temperature, the magnificent natural landscape, interesting customs of ethnic minorities, not to see the sea in winter you will go to Kunming to enjoy a warm winter delicacy.

[ people get together son of Hainan ]

to say that the country’s most popular Spring Festival City, Sanya, second, I am afraid there is no place to recognize the first. The beach, coconut trees, wearing short sleeved shorts, feel the sea breeze and fresh air, really very good. But the price of air tickets and accommodation is indeed very expensive, if you exceed the scope of the bear, continue to look down on our recommendation.

[ other domestic cities ]

here is a recently released 2016 China’s cleanest city rankings for your reference: