No match against the Arab League too lonely! 21+13 is just a small test chopper cut-aquaria

No match against the Arab League too lonely! Just cut 21+13 NiuDao CBA Collection – Las 21+13 Sloan 30 Guangdong 117-85 rout of Xinjiang Guangdong 32 point advantage to win Xinjiang, a victory of the season so far the most fully and delightfully. When Zhou Qi and Bulaqiebu in the case of Yi Jianlian on the pitch into no opponent position. Although a couplet on the pitch feel bad, but still easily cut two pairs of data under 21 points and 13 rebounds. The match strength is too weak to Yi Jianlian and cannot withstand a single blow, did not get the most incisive play. As the first local star Yi Jianlian, is Guangdong’s most important to rely on. This season, the United Arab Emirates is still maintained a good competitive state, especially in the contest with the Liaoning team, crazy cut 42 points performance, but also that the Arab League in the presence of a stronger and stronger style and character. The war with Xinjiang is King Hill battle, the opponent had also unbeaten. But because Zhou Qi and bratzel have been injured, it also makes the overall strength of the Xinjiang team was significantly weakened, competition become one-sided situation. Yi Jianlian did not play on the field, the Xinjiang team to use Yu Changdong and repeated the Arab League to stop the Arab League, but did not play the desired effect of the. Yi Jianlian on the court is still an important end point of the attack, the game a total of 17 shots, is the largest number of shots in Guangdong. Because there is no limit to the Arab League players in the match, which also makes the Xinjiang team had to use his bag. The Xinjiang team inside the weak, but Yi Jianlian on the pitch and did not get the most incisive play. In this game, he played 17 games in the cast of 8, the hit rate of less than 50%. For Yi Jianlian, this hit is not his best. Despite the gap with their best state, but still be able to easily cut 20+, which also fully demonstrates the ability of the Arab league. On the other hand, the presence of Yi Jianlian by the double treatment, are invisible to create scoring opportunities for his teammates, Sloan had the highest team under 30 points, it is because a couplet by opponents of the focus of care, so get the opportunities. The United Arab Republic, 21+13 data are the lowest consumption, he is just a small test chopper. The absence of bratzel and Zhou Qi, also makes Yi Jianlian inside for a lot of loneliness. The Xinjiang team on the pitch also makes a combination cannot withstand a single blow, no need to go all out, but can save their energy for the next game. Opponents are incomplete, but Yi was also not doing my best. For the Guangdong team, the team has been gradually on track, this also let Yi feel happy. The next season, Yi Jianlian will still be the Guangdong team to strive for the championship on the most important. As long as there is a couplet, then the Guangdong team will not allow any people underestimated. (Dong Dong)相关的主题文章: