Occupational pension market is expected to scale up to two trillion tataufo

Occupation pension market is expected to start the year scale up to two trillion Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my occupation pension market is expected to start the year two trillion up to the size of the Securities Times reporter Zhao Chunyan "in the economic environment and the current financial environment, investment income is an effective way to improve the offbeat and risk control." China life insurance (hereinafter referred to as China Life Pension) said in an interview with the Securities Times reporter Zhang Linguang, former vice president. Zhang Linguang expects the occupational pension market is about to start, the future market potential is huge, the scale is expected to reach two trillion yuan, will reshape the competitive landscape of the pension management market. China Life Pension will be "right", and actively seek greater market share. Occupation pension market is expected to soon start China Life Pension is directly under the company specializing in the management of pension funds China life insurance company, nearly 10 years since the establishment of focus on pension fund management business. Data show that as of June 30th this year, China Life Pension Asset Management Scale of more than 320 billion yuan, the first professional pension insurance companies. At present, China pension has three main businesses: enterprise annuity business, business management and occupation pension annuity business. Among them, in the enterprise annuity management, China Life pension investment performance has remained stable since 2012, the enterprise annuity portfolio according to the average annual rate of return bore standard department who is 6.52% households. As of June 30, 2016, the company’s enterprise annuity investment management scale of nearly 120 billion yuan. China Life Pension in 2012 to carry out group pension insurance business, and the realization of personal pension business initial product sales website security in 2014, the business scale has exceeded 40 billion yuan. In the occupational pension business, Zhang Guanglin said that the current interim measures for occupational pension fund management has been to the public for comments, is expected to start within the year. Zhang Linguang Securities Times reporter said, very optimistic about the prospects and development potential of personal wealth management market. China is now actively involved in occupation pension annuity business, assist governments at all levels, in the formulation of industry standards and norms of expenditure calculation and service management scheme design, fund operation and information construction has done a lot of work, and many provincial governments have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Two trillion yuan scale market is very impressive. After the market started, will be re scheduled for the professional pension insurance companies in the market place." Zhang Linguang said. Optimistic about the offbeat investment opportunities in terms of investment, China Life Pension steady investment style, consistent with the nature of pension funds. "We follow the safe, stable and sustainable growth, investment philosophy, in accordance with the safety, liquidity and profitability of harmonization of requirements, in the premise of financial safety first, profit maximizing risk adjusted. Because of the factors of capital attributes, in terms of performance, we will be the pursuit of absolute returns in the first place, which is a common practice of international pension management agencies." Zhang Linguang told reporters. Zhang Linguang simultaneous representation theory相关的主题文章: