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"-" on hand foot abuse CaSO Yingkong Shi Po ` _26 > from falling sakula; > > click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news today, is Hunan TV and video Tencent hit TV series "-" exposed a group of photos, while Picasso (William Feng ornaments) and Sakura air release (Ma Tianyu ornaments) from childhood laughter, while it is the sword fall in CaSO was relieved in the shocking upset Sakura empty. Into the intense struggle to the throne will be in tomorrow (September 5th) in the brothers killed child heart climax, a slope falling sakula war who wins the aspect quite enough. Before the story, on-line seven holy offers a seemingly destined end for this battle for the throne, in the "know destiny" absolute authority before Sakura empty release should win in the struggle to the throne, will be regarded as guards has been clean up". Users have to guess if CaSO knows this news will not desperate to win the throne?" Tomorrow’s battle with Picasso falling sakula slope, the superior power no power Sakura empty release force value contrast obviously, but also the audience said "it is because of the two force value disparity this tournament before there are not generally turn". Because of the sword of the spirit of the castle, so be bite Excalibur’s scabbard, but why is the Excalibur still bite out has become a major unsolved mystery story. Struggle to the throne since ancient times are for their desire to serve, "key" brothers of the king is for the sake of each other, whether the fate of the push will blind the brothers to death into another curious tragedy. It is reported that in the next story, the audience awaited seven saints were killed and fire in the original phantom energy plot day will be on the line, CaSO Sakura empty release whether it can maintain the original unconditional trust? The world’s all I have to guard your voice, magic snow back life lonely walk, Picasso and Sakura empty release of free will in Hunan satellite TV and video Tencent started, please continue to look forward to more exciting.相关的主题文章: