Once the decline of the port warehouse, transformed into an art district

if you want to have a once prosperous port warehouse, with the port of the lonely, the warehouse gradually lost its purpose, thought it would gradually fade out of sight, quit the stage of history, but it is transformed into Art Zone, to become the focus of attention.

this is the predecessor to the port warehouse pier two Art District, located in Taiwan "nofollow" > rel= Yancheng District Dayong Road, formerly known as the port warehouse, in 2000 after the transformation, transformed into an innovative experiment, the concept of avant-garde, making art exhibition area, providing artists and a student of space creation published, regularly organize cultural activities.

barge two unique cinema, not only to attract tourists, writers and writers to stop, but also to attract the world’s most famous film special effects company stationed, so that the film has become an important city in asia. Art District periodically held different theme of the exhibition, every weekend and independent music concerts for young artists, in a huge warehouse to the concert in Kaohsiung is the most special experience, but remember to buy tickets in advance.

"split two" means second feeder terminal, formerly port warehouse, after transformed into Art District, retained the concrete wall surface iron and bare mottled, showing the original appearance of Hong kong.

Zha a look is not a bit scary ha, I feel like this door will go to hell.

use of waste has been transformed into the direction of the mark, will not feel very retro.

Art Plaza also opened a home Eslite Bookstore, the use of the warehouse has been transformed, not only is very unique, but also retains some of the original warehouse.

Eslite Bookstore in 1989 by "nofollow" > " ring founded the first home start, the spirit of humanities, art, creativity, life of the mind, for the development of composite today in the cultural and creative as the core of the business model. In the beginning, Eslite Bookstore brand to the core business scope has been gradually extended to ,

performance art space activities, and of course, cultural and creative products,
MRT station , hospitals, schools and other a special type of channel management, and extends to the mall development business and professional logistics center construction and other professional. Honesty is a collective creation of urban people;