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One hour before the exposure relegation battle referee Yatai chicken change to appeal fa – Sohu of Yongchang sports 3-2 Yatai Mao Jianqing broke arm confidence last night 2 more than 3 Changchun celebrate Yatai unjustly Shijiazhuang referee Gu Chun containing thirty-second minutes in the first half penalty under Du Zhenyu, and in 0 to 2 behind Yatai strong tie to the team. Yongchang an unwarranted penalty, resulting in "Li Jun" suffered two defeats, ranked list back tail, one foot stepped in almost a. A man less than 0 after the 2 campaign must win the game even tenaciously Yatai continued life, Li Zhangzhu adjusted to return to the starting lineup, Wu Yake, Yang Boyu, Du Zhenyu, Sun Jie, Pei Shuai and Bruno replaced Orr Txiki debut. Before the game, I feel this aspect of Yatai is extremely difficult, because Yongchang ranked bottom not only out of 5 million to win the grand prize, Yatera also vowed to dismount. Twentieth minutes in the first half, the first to lose the ball Yatai, Mao Jianqing header to break the deadlock. But the bigger blow in thirty-second minutes, Du Zhenyu Fanqiang uprooting the opponent, the referee Gu Chunhan was shown a second yellow card, two yellow and one red. It is worth mentioning that Du Zhenyu’s foul is not serious, the referee awarded some emphasis on. Behind, a few dozen people, this almost sentenced Yatai’s death". Indeed, the first half before the end of the game, Yongchang foreign aid Mathews long-range expansion score. With the plight of two goals behind easy side battles, completely bloody outbursts Yatai, in forty-eighth minutes and sixty-first minutes from izmailov and Bruno with two cities tied the score. 1 hours before the match, the referee suddenly change but sixty-eighth minutes, Gu Chun containing about the game again. Mao Jianqing Ismailov took the lead in the ball broke, shovel the ball, Gu Chunhan is still a "decisive" blow penalty, although angry Yatai players but did not have any effect, questioning, Ismailov and Jiang Zhe are booked. Eventually, Mathews kick hit 2 than 3 again behind the equaliser to yatai. Even more surprising is that this game with Gu Chun is not the referee but fourth officials, but in an hour before the game, the original referee Zhou Gang "sudden illness", containing only Gu Chun "orders", and directed a game like this. Encounter such a bad defeat, Yatai is very indignant. According to relevant sources, Changchun Yatai club are prepared to appeal to the China Football Association, "although the results will not change, but we have to say." Yatai echelon has been extremely difficult last night about relegation match, very strange. The first 3 to 0 victory over Hangzhou Greentown home court of Jiangsu Suning, despite the two teams do not speak, after four straight Suning Greentown unexpectedly lose face three rounds extremely so. Greentown after winning 29 points, Yatai leading 6 points, saw relegation dawn. Luneng 2 to 1 victory over the Yankees, 30 points, avoid relegation situation is very optimistic, the Luneng in the less a man under the condition of not only the goalkeeper Wang Dalei saved a penalty, and won the penalty in the last minute, in one fell swoop win on the road. Lost to Yongchang in the relegation battle of life and death, Yatai suffered two Hao相关的主题文章: