Only buys is upright and unruly! This is Feng Mingchao. 3u8813

"Only buys" is upright and unruly! This is Feng Mingchao "than the sub healthy but also it’s Feng Mingchao Feng Mingchao blunt unruly Sina entertainment news today’s entertainment popular with a" Geng DC ", rather than talking round unnotched to an old traveller, terrified of the upright seems more sincere, more lovable. Handsome appearance, but also uninhibited personality upright, and only built ", and it is Mingchao feng! An upright and always silly together, in fact, this "silly" is just too sincere, as Feng Mingchao. All the eyes of Feng Mingchao is a shuttle in the fashion Metrosexual, but he is also a character a bit unruly upright man. He is a straight, unfettered, look at his micro-blog often say what not to cover up; he is also a self understanding, clear their own advantages, and strengthen our goal, because I have dreams of one day can be said to be a designer, so he created his own the tide brand; he is also a treasure and gratitude, he will be with the family, as the inner torment and pain around to share his "pet". All the "black" are due to do not understand, love moved everything from the moment, Feng Mingchao has been on the road, now he gained more recognition and favor, because of the upright, because the sincerity, but also because it does not need to cover the calm.相关的主题文章: