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"Our ten years" release   Zhang Jiaming to create more television boutique — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: "our ten years" release Jiaming Zhang is looking forward to making more video quality by the famous Hongkong film director Ma Weihao, CO director of youth director Liu, the most bare hot star Zhao Liying LED the youth film starring "our ten years", was published today (September 2nd) national release, which is used as the film Chupin of Shenzhen jinqiangwei television group this year following the second national release black comedy "clockwork city" after the launch of the film, Mr. Zhang Jiaming president of the group said, and now the two the film director Ma Weihao and director Jiang Tao also signed two new movies, being the script writing stage, is expected next year will be Start shooting。 At the same time, the group is currently reporting and related departments, hoping to hold the "Shenzhen International Film Week" and "Hong Kong film production base in Shenzhen, Guangdong for film and television industry creation, production, special effects, including talent incubator industrial integration. Despite the tight encirclement topic occupy the top of the Hollywood blockbuster "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" of the attack, but with Zhao Liying and a gilded signboard dubbed the "commercial romance" the father of the famous Hongkong director Ma Weihao’s quality assurance, and closely linked to hot nowadays youth movie theme, "our ten years" to plate the increasing quantity of the hot topic nowadays micro-blog quickly among the top, the top number and message to see and dominating the big ticket website the same schedule of the film in the film with the most top, breaking this summer summer youth encounter cold landslide embarrassing situation. Create youth movie "the most down to earth of our ten years" by Zhao Liying, Qiao Renliang, starring Wu Yingjie, Fan Yichen, Ban Jiajia, Feng Mingchao and other popular stars co stars, the film tells the story of "tomboy" Zhang Jingyi, "Polytechnic male" Guo Yuchen, "the piano" Goddess "Chen Yi Connaught, business man Du Hao," a girl "," Liang Xiaoyi pure warm male Zhuofeng this group of good friends across ten years of stories and memories of youth. According to the movie producer and producer Mr. Zhang Jiaming, unlike other youth films, in our "ten years", presented to the audience is not the old-fashioned idea of the usual plot, if you want to see the abortion, car accident, I’m sorry, no, in which some youth the most down to earth in those years, all the boys love goddess, SARS and friends together out of the school, make you crazy adventure crazy super fast men pick, and the Wenchuan earthquake and other events in pursuit of the film will explain touching, "I have a ten years to witness the growth years, it the film is not only the character’s experience, precious time but every one of us lost, so we want to convey to the audience is a precious memory and no matter what you are. Please cherish each other get along with each day." Jinqiangwei film summer two arrows was founded in 2014 March jinqiangwei film, the current in the circle is still a rookie, investment by the company and has released does not work, but this summer)相关的主题文章: