Out of school training institutions by parents touted training places by spike-truffe

School training institutions by parents blitz training places by seckill recently, a reporter survey, will push up the training in the teeth of the storm. The article directed at an outside training institutions bundled countless parents and students. Specific performance is that, in order to place a school entrance, parents can queue up at night in the teaching point, the alarm clock will be set to participate in the phone App. Some parents in order to grab a good teacher class places, but also hard to wait for two years. In short, want to enter this training institutions, everything must rely on". Before the Training Consultant: the Mathematical Olympiad exam and should match system is effective in the school training institutions is to provide tutoring 3 to 18 students in 25 institutions, the city built, only Hangzhou branch has 10 teaching points. Due to the different levels of training each point, the number is different, it is difficult to accurately estimate the size of its students, but a primary school in Hangzhou, a class of six to 80% students studying here. The training institutions include Chinese, mathematics, English, etc.. Some parents, its teaching progress is very advanced, the school needs to learn five months of mathematics courses, as long as there are only 15 classes completed. Look at the Knews news reporter contacted a once worked in the training institutions and training consultant Yang Hao, according to him, the teaching mode of the training institutions for small class teaching, a teacher at the corresponding 16 students, class time on Friday evening and weekend, each class two to three hours before, asked to read with parents. While this training institutions are popular because of its characteristics of Mathematical Olympiad has formed a complete set of modules and system test, and should match success. See here, inevitably reminiscent of the same is another popular school. In May 2016, Knews news reporter visited to see the school, parents queued for more than and 40 hours, a number of cattle fry to 5000 yuan, in order to occupy a space for one person in only 21 people in the class. The parents so tirelessly, behind there were endless grievances. A Wuhan mom sent out a small rise early "daughter, I was forced into" abnormal "mother" of the post, telling my children live frugally, but to spend a lot of money for various types of training, complained of "abnormal outstanding market" and unfair entrance threshold, attracted many parents in. In fact, the extracurricular training organization growth of fertile soil, is due to the small rise early examination was stopped. In 90s, in order to reduce the student schoolwork burden, "junior high school" examination was canceled. However, the burden of the original intention is in the subsequent 20 years of alienation. Many families are aiming at the other way — on the quality of private schools. Because private schools can test, you can pinch the results by the tip. Xiong Bingqi: the examination under the guide of "Lightening" failure of parental anxiety although the Ministry of education requirements whether public or private schools, students are not in test mode selection. But schools often have their own way of selection, like the Guangzhou school held a so-called knowledge contest. Therefore, the emergence of off campus training institutions, precisely corresponds to the needs of parents. The burden of space, in the school, the way to market to double back to the student body. In this regard, Xiong Bingqi, vice president of the Institute of education in twenty-first Century相关的主题文章: