Painted on the wings of the butterfly, she made the ordinary fabric beautiful vstart

Draw the butterfly wings she let ordinary fabric to the United States on the day the original title: painting on the butterfly wings she let ordinary cloth were flying up artist Ayman · Xie Department for many years focused on all kinds of painting and painting art, this time she has brought us a new butterfly color painting works. In addition to draw graphics on the screen or the traditional drapery, xieke will use digital technology for drawing on silk or cotton cloth made of various materials such as the handkerchief, the following is xieke I describe their work and career: "creativity has always been a part of my genes, I love making every kind of clothes, whether they belong to steam in the middle ages, punk, theatre or belly dance style. I in the past fourteen years in the silk and dealing with this matter has been the use of tie dye technique completed, every time you tie will make some new things, like this is in collaboration with nature." The so-called beauty is actually the case, every day is a day to learn to understand, my recent project is to draw the butterfly wings, I hope to make a cheap and efficient way. I just started to use hand drawn, but it consumes a lot of time and energy, the high price of expensive silk brings is not suitable for all people, so I turned to screen printing technology and in nearly a year of effort after the successful completion of the drawing. Now I can completely control the quality of the product and be able to spend less time drawing, while I am still more color, design and the body of the girl to study." The following is part of the butterfly painting works. Source: Demilked Author: Emaan Sheikh translation: the king of Connaught相关的主题文章: