Pakistan God joining Liverpool is my biggest mistake around people not friendly enough-noreply

Balotelli: join Liverpool is my biggest mistake people around is not friendly Pakistan God called the wrong choice to join Liverpool Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 12th morning, in the fourth round of the French nice game against Marseille, Balotelli said in an interview to Liverpool is the largest his mistakes. Baba talked about his career, especially what happened in the past two years. "I went to Liverpool, which was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life," he said. In addition to the Liverpool fans who are very good to me and the players who are very good to me, frankly, I don’t like the club." "I had two coach, Rodgers and cyclops. Because people don’t think well of me, I don’t get along well with them." In an interview, Balotelli also compared his situation with that of Ibrahimovic, who said he needed to be in a relaxed environment. "Ibrahimovic is the kind of you to let him face the lion, he can keep cool, you let him relax and people together, he is the same person. But I don’t like him. I need to be in a relaxed environment." Kniss played two goals in the game against Marseille in the first game against Balotelli.相关的主题文章: