Park Hae Jin denied when the cowherd did not know Cui Shunshi’s henchmen zghd

Park Hae Jin denied when the cowherd did not know Cui Shunshi confidant of Park Hae Jin and Cui Shun high solid abdominal Yingtai old photos attracted a great disturbance Sina entertainment news   South Korean artist Park Hae Jin [micro-blog] before the day was passed worked as a cowboy, this Park Hae Jin brokerage company denied, said it will pursue legal responsibilities of the rumormongers. Someone recently released a Park Hae Jin many years ago in the online photos, photos and Park Hae Jin stand together is the recent South Korean made the bestie intervention events raise a Babel of criticism of the protagonist Cui Shunshi’s high Thai, post person at the bar had high Imtech is well known things, but in the photo Park Hae Jin wore the same style and high Imtech belt, perhaps Park Hae Jin had high and Imtech in the same cowboy it worked. This Park Hae Jin brokerage company responded that this photo was taken at a party in a hotel in Busan on the Park Hae Jin fourteen years ago, when the party has more than and 10 people, each other does not know, Park Hae Jin didn’t know until recently and his photo was Gao Ying thailand. Park Hae Jin brokerage company also said that online on the picture message to Park Hae Jin caused great mental damage and serious damage to its reputation, so the legal responsibility will use legal means to deal with the strong and the rumor spread rumors. Lu Dong Yin text copyright Mydaily (reprinted ban: commissioning editor Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: