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Parking lot car fire variable Iron Guard: not forget to use the fire extinguisher to alarm the Yangzi Evening News Network September 19th news (reporter correspondent Ye Fanglong Fan Xiaolin) 19 morning 7 am, Nanjing Liuhe east gate of a parking lot parked just less than 24 hours of business car here, suddenly a cloud of smoke, a smoke, is small, can be an insider, suspected of parking lot guard master do not use the fire extinguisher, leading to smoke more and more, and the flames, passers-by found quickly after the alarm, the fire brigade rushed to the 10 minutes after the fire has been extinguished, but this business car was burned into a pile of scrap metal. It is worth mentioning that this is the business car before the eyes of the car was reported to be out of control at night and was salvaged commercial vehicles. When reporters rushed to the scene, the fire was extinguished the fire officers and men, this car just parked here at noon on the 18 of the car business has been burned into a pile of scrap metal. From the beginning of a small video of people passing photographed a scene, parked in the parking lot, the central position of this business car fire only a little big, but because the duty guard master not in the first time to use the fire extinguisher to extinguish the smoke inside the car, causing channeling out of the flames, and more and more large. A nearby garage staff told reporters, at that time, he just went to work to the factory, to smell a burnt smell, ran to a wall next to the parking lot to see, found that the parking lot is inside a parked car business. Can guard the old master due to a tense, did not attend to the alarm, but also did not use the first time the fire extinguisher. Because the parking lot door was locked, the staff to go into the garage. He did not take the phone to help passers-by shouting alarm. Why is the parking guard not the first time the police or fire? The guard on duty said the master, he came more than a month, when they saw the car tires in the smoke, but he will not use the fire extinguisher, temporarily nervous panic, forget the alarm. Reporter asked the guard master: the car park boss did not teach you how to use a fire extinguisher?" The old man admitted, leadership is not taught, and he is 60 years old this year, from morning to night on duty here very hard, day and night, almost no news time. He didn’t want to do it here, so he didn’t plan to learn a little fire. For the loss of the fire, what is the blame for the 60 – year – old guard, or to track down the parking lot in front of the leadership of the recruitment of new staff before the relevant safety skills training? Insiders told reporters that the parking lot this car was burned into the scrap car business, is just 18 at noon just from the car accident Wang Gang reservoir of Liuhe town of bamboo salvaged. Informed witnesses also used the video shoot over, it was found that the car was burned business car is 17 night fell into the reservoir of the business car.相关的主题文章: