Paulinho oppression play to create more opportunities to better our sports – Sohu-remonstrate

Paulinho: oppression play to create more opportunities we perform better – Sports Sohu R & F Hengda 3-1 Paulinho broke though the first leg draw with teammates hug opponent in the home court 2-2, but Hengda times round or show strong dominance, the final 3-1 victory to R & F, again after a lapse of two years to qualify for the FA Cup final. Scored the first goal of the game, helping the team to knock on the door of victory Paulinho said after the game: "collective oppression tactics to get more opportunities, we played better than the opponent." This game, Paulinho not only in the first half scored the first goal in the second half, but also with personal ability to create a penalty for the team, winning made distinctions won in battle. Talking about the team’s tactics, Brazil iron waist said: "we take the game forward collective oppressive tactics, have more opportunities." The four Guangzhou derby this season, Hengda scored a record of 2 wins, 1 draws and 1 losses. This game is also a constant battle of the season to play the best in the city of derby. Paulinho said victory said: "the key is we played better than the opponents! This game, we respect each other, we have their own efforts to win the game." (Peng Bin)相关的主题文章: