Peep innocent, bloody movie young immediately war luonv

Peeping, bloody rational movie "juvenile" immediate war entertainment Tencent directed by renowned director Yang Shupeng youth crime film "juvenile" will be released in December 9th, the film tells the story of two young quietly sneaked into the adult world, life for life like ten years of dust tore open Xuehai fan case. The day before the party was invited to attend the annual conference and film Tencent, exposure surveillance version of the poster. A cool stare at the monitor Hoodie back, monitor placement showing a "cross" shape, cross behind, who will be the judge, who will be saved? Young vendetta about on-line! Revenge of the cross to kill the adult world erotic movie "young" exposure monitoring version of the poster, the dark silence of the room in a cold figure on the back of the camera, placed in front of a cross like computer monitor. There seems to be a wonderful scene on each monitor. The man sneaked into the ghostly monitor, peering into adult acts: running in the street to the police Zhang Yi, Liu Tianzuo; marital problems indifference couple Yu Nan and Guo Xiaodong. Everything seems to be under the "arrangement" of the mysterious boy. The film "boy" will break through the traditional commercial genre films, the two teenagers will use monitoring, monitoring, monitoring and other high-tech means to weave the Revenge of the net can not be broken, waiting for revenge on the list of bait. Behind the cross, who will be judged, who will be saved? A dangerous game and hypocrisy surfaced, who immediately announced the death of rabbits. Ou Hao and Guo Shutong two people played combat burst table "young vendetta in the film". Ou Hao played by actor souham is a young geeks will be extremely cruel and merciless, only warm heart to childhood sweetheart "girlfriend" Guo Shutong. Zhang Yi, Liu Tianzuo, Yu Nan, Guo Xiaodong, Yiwei Zhou and other old drama of bone in the film plays the adult people, with their stories and secrets, everyone’s heart with the desire not to be divulged". When feeling, color, to three knife by adult people carries on the body, the human mind and social morality will disappear. When facing the fierce young adult and dangerous, the line between a deposit! The seemingly quiet life is will be around they stir up, the dark side of human nature will be forced to exposure, a decadent humanity and desire can not help but feel sad. Tencent pictures X Youth Internet industry of traditional light pictures together with polished boutique label patience in Tencent in September 17th, ‘annual conference, the key project of the movie "juvenile" as a Tencent for the first time the main cast master pictures, the first appearance on the stage. Dream studio general manager Chen Hongwei, the movie "juvenile" creative director Yang Shupeng, Ou Hao and Guo Shutong site introduction videos. Director Yang Shupeng said: "Youth" is definitely a fun, you can suddenly to poke your weakness of the good. It dares to be released in the new year, it proves that we have enough confidence!" The movie "juvenile" is developed by the Tencent’s key projects, the main cast and master Xuanfa, president Zhang hang pictures Tencent dream studio head Chen Hongwei and youth light of "juvenile" market performance has high hopes. In order to better docking market, Tencent jointly jointly produced the youth film light, contributed to the two platform for the first time in the field of commercial real type articles.相关的主题文章: