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People’s Daily Overseas Network Canada channel line   the motherland compatriots miss – the media – original title: "the motherland a miss" on Chinese on-line ceremony editor of people’s Daily Overseas site section for the Canadian channel executive editor Liu Yuqin often the guests on the album award in "now more and more Canadians are eager to understand Chinese Canada, the channel is the 3D version of the learning materials for them!" A Canadian student excitedly told reporters. Carrying a variety of expectations, along with all walks of life, the people’s Daily Overseas Edition of the official website of the Canadian Network on the Internet channel line at the local time on September 9th held in Toronto. In addition the 45 anniversary of the establishment and add 10 anniversary of the establishment of strategic partnership on the occasion, the first overseas overseas network channel in America started officially settled in the country of "Maple Leaf", which marks the implementation of the "people’s Daily overseas edition newspaper network integration, global localization development official in North America set sail. To build a bridge: friendship in writing, "Canadian Network of overseas channels promotional film too international fan!" New readers a Canadian channel in the field of mobile phone browsing Canada channel page, he told reporters: "the Canadian channel content is very" down to earth ", I believe that my foreign friends will be very interested in." The guests gathered in the Toronto Westin Hotel Conference Center, people’s Daily overseas network channel Canada on-line ceremony was held as scheduled. Lin Jun, chairman of the Federation of China Chinese consulate general consul general in Toronto Xue Bing, people’s Daily Overseas deputy editor Liu Yuqin, the local overseas Chinese community leaders, the Chinese media for people, government and business people and students and representatives of more than and 100 people witnessed this moment. Lin Jun stressed in his speech, in recent years, the Sino Canadian relations to maintain a good momentum of development, rich cultural exchanges. The leaders of the two countries on the occasion of the visits, the people’s Daily Overseas Edition of the official website of the Canadian overseas network channel on the line, and for the promotion of friendly exchanges, overseas Chinese, China plus service trip overseas Chinese propaganda display image, the positive energy of extraordinary significance. Canada line channel, let more Chinese brigade plus an understanding of home development and change channels, one more to let the world know China window. The future, China Federation will strengthen cooperation with the people’s Daily Overseas Edition together will have more connotation, affection, quality "China story", spread to overseas, to better promote the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, with the heart. For the development of the Canadian channel, Liu Yuqin want to make three points; first, to become Canada’s most authoritative Chinese localization information website, provide a variety of high-quality, high-end information for the audience, with close to the local language education of contemporary Chinese development, dissemination of Chinese excellent traditional culture, tells a good story, good communication China Chinese voice. Second, I hope Canada channel better cohesion and unity and the local overseas Chinese organizations, overseas Chinese is close to build up a "online home". Third, efforts to become an important bridge between China and Canada exchanges, and do a good job in Sino Canadian exchanges and cooperation between the news and information providers, for the continuous development of bilateral relations efforts. Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto, Xue Bing, said on the Canadian channel相关的主题文章: