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Home-Improvement If you find yourself cleaning your house for hours on end during the time that you should be relaxing and having a little time off, then you need to plan your household chores a little bit better. Items like carpet cleaning and cleaning the upholstery are some of the things that should be saved for a certain time of the year. It is important that you plan your cleaning chores ahead of time so that you are able to enjoy some free time instead of being bogged down in cleaning. You should plan out your daily chores in advance so that you can get everything cleaned during the week. Start with Monday and determine and take one room in your home that you will thoroughly clean on that day. Your regular household chores should be finished during that day as well. Continue throughout the week with your schedule so that each room in the home gets a thorough cleaning on its own day of the week. By the time the weekend rolls around you should be finished with all of your major chores and can sit back and enjoy the time off. Items like carpet cleaning and oven cleaning that do not have to be scheduled weekly should be noted on your calendar so that you do not forget to include them. Decide on the frequency that you wish to clean these items and schedule them out during the year. Housecleaning doesn’t have to be a chore that is saved up for the weekend. It should be done throughout the week to keep your home in the best condition at all times. Make sure that you schedule your chores so that you can ac.plish them on the day that you have chosen. You don’t want to get behind and end up doing all of the work on the last day. This will defeat the purpose of spreading the work out during the week. It will only work if you stick with it. Plan to take care of your big jobs like carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, upholstery cleaning and cleaning your drapes at different times throughout the year. You can plan to tackle all of those chores on the same day, but you will find yourself spending the entire day working on those chores. It is much easier if you plan to do one on a different day through the year. Once you have a workable schedule, you will find that you have more free time and a cleaner house. All it takes is some planning on your part to get your work in order. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: