Play cross! Guo Degang Yue Yunpeng Li Chen said the recruitment of crosstalk havd707

Play cross! Guo Degang Yue Yunpeng Li Chen said the recruitment of crosstalk Sina entertainment news [micro-blog] Zhejiang TV comedy "Nemo" will premiere tonight 20:30. Guo Degang [micro-blog], Wu Xiubo [micro-blog] will lead micro-blog [] [micro-blog] Liu Tao, [micro-blog] Shen Teng; Li Chen [micro-blog], Yue Yunpeng [micro-blog]; Chen Jia Ling [micro-blog], [micro-blog]; [micro-blog] Jiang Xin, often far four partners for a period of three competition. The first phase of the program, the four groups of partners will challenge the comedy, comic dialogue and other forms of comedy, for the audience to bring a wonderful performance. Group PK highlights antagonism were led Wu Xiubo Guo Degang! As a comedy competition played comedy variety, "Nemo" with popular film actor and professional comedian partner, joint comedy contest. Each of the two groups of joy CP composed of a team, Guo Degang, Wu Xiubo served as captain of the two teams. The two captain is a domestic comedy film and television industry is a leader, Toshihiko, two people will lead their team, for each stage of only one of the promotion places, and no three group of artists will be eliminated all promotion. Comedy as the most classical form of drama, its status and importance is self-evident. Comedy dream is the dream of every movie actor. "Story" is the comedy comedy film and television actor have dreams provides a "dare to dream, dare to dream, eager to realize their dreams" on the stage. Jiang Xin had sent a message to micro-blog: such an adventure when children looked forward to, did not expect it to achieve. At the same time, actors and film partner is the top leading comedian, Deyunshe, happy twist, bowl entertainment, laughter room team have been dispatched to key members involved in recording. Wu Xiubo led the "happy twist show" Liu Tao Shen Teng interpretation of black humor, Jiang Xin often far to reproduce the classic "Legend of the Condor Heroes" led by Wu Xiubo "happy twist show" team is composed of front hit TV series "happy show" in the two actors Liu Tao and Jiang Xin; and domestic comedy the representative team of happy twist team Shen Teng, often far four. Among them, Liu Tao and Shen Teng will partner the interpretation of black humor comedy "39", the story of a lack of daily communication between the husband and wife near the "seven year itch", her husband Shen Teng got a rare cancer "cancer" in life, can only say that the last 39 words, in the face of once loved his wife, he will use the last 39 words to say what? And his wife Liu Tao in the face of her husband’s increasingly indifferent weekdays, at night to divorce her husband’s heart. Because of the previous stage has never been a full dress rehearsal, the two performances on the stage also joined a lot of improvisation, a very pleasant surprise. Jiang Xin, often far two people chose to reproduce the classic martial arts drama "the legend of the Condor Heroes on the stage". Jiang Xin played the female one Huang Rong and anti one, subversion of the image in the hearts of the audience, big show acting in the heart of the city, respectively, as well as the "female" and "the other". Ouyang Feng Yi Rongcheng Huang Rong, while Guo Jing hopes have not practiced "Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon" on the occasion of its defeat, dominate the political arena. "Rong son" uncharacteristically, let Huangdao very surprised, repeatedly reminded: Rong son, take your indulgence. Often played by Guo Jing.相关的主题文章: