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and the little girl say: the ancient city of the West Anuradhapura is east of the ancient city of polonnaruwa. It is the capital of less than two hundred years of history, but to create brilliant achievements. Dense jungle, scattered countless ruins, but also more focused, more clear context. specializes in the history and culture of Sri Lanka dragon rod designed meow polonnaruwa tour line, and to guide you. to rent a bike before the tour. Note: the text first proposed forwarding of dry cargo.

City and

Walk series.

Galle: only visiting the city? You can’t play!

Colombo: a perfect day to go?

Kandy: absolutely not only btrts can see!

and the Dragon rod meow explosion models, even Sri Lanka people to point praise:

shock! These old pictures of Sri Lanka, not even the Sri Lankan people!

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due to the invasion of Tamils, polonnaruwa instead of Anuradhapura, a Sinhalese Dynasty served as the capital of second. In its heyday, the construction scale, there are endless statues and temples. In twelfth Century, the city became a flourishing Buddhist city. Monks from Thailand and Burma came to study buddhism. however, the fate of the ancient city of the West and east of the ancient city, India by the chola invasion, in the second half of the thirteenth Century, polonnaruwa gradually withdraw from the stage of history, buried in the jungle, until it was discovered in nineteenth Century. is now just a small town of polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka, but here has one of Asia’s largest group of sites, a record once flourishing.

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