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The wrist between the promise I will love you for a lifetime – Sohu [recommended] home watch watch from acquaintance to love, from love to marriage. A pair of lovers hand in hand into the marriage hall, when he watched friends and relatives knee kneel down, put a ring on her, complete the vows of love that moment, the fate of the two men had been locked in a. The emotion of love is stronger than that of gold, deeper than the sea, as pure as steel, simple, and strong. But, just have the diamond ornament is not perfect, because life is too far away, need to watch for your record, setting goals, planning ideal, record your vows after the sweet and wonderful time together. Hand in hand together, without any separation, let the watch to witness your happiness. In order to keep time bit by bit, keep life moved, retain and Ta together the feeling of happiness, may wish to wear the watch house editor today recommended three stainless steel watch, hand on the Ta promise: I will love you for a lifetime. Series 10141 and 10150 on the Creadon celebrity watch series: Creadon movement type: automatic mechanical sex: men and women case material: stainless steel (polishing Satin polished) material: watchband stainless steel case diameter: 41 mm in the domestic price: $21800 $20600 watches watches details: comment: Creadon scholar series, concise and elegant geometry the process of fine grinding, delicate elegant, vibrant and elegant atmosphere for the wearer to accompany them with personal charm in a variety of occasions. The two series of Clinton lovers watch the same family, judging from the overall look, adopt stainless steel material to create watchcase, polished and satin two process polished texture, charming. The men’s watch table 41 mm in diameter, mistress type design, 7 rows of needle type stainless steel bracelet; five row lady watches 30 mm diameter and large needle type read mode, stainless steel bracelet, two watches are equipped with date display window, at the same time with the waterproof performance of 50 meters. Wearing this table lovers, highlights the extreme elegant and fashionable activity, is the best choice to keep love. Longines L2.648.4.78.6 and L2. lovers watch watch series: traditional watchmaking movement type: automatic mechanical sex: men and women case material: stainless steel watch strap material: stainless steel case diameter: 40 mm 25.5 mm in the domestic price: $18700 $14200 watches details: watch comments: Longines lovers watch save sweet moments, also represents two a pure heart like iron. On the whole, the record date display window on the dial is set at 3 points, representing the consistency of the two goals. Watch collocation stainless steel watchband, can withstand the test of time, two watch bottom shell all adopt the design through the end of the movements, making sweeping. A table that put on record, belong to your happiness! Tiger Ho Jaca Leila series WAR201D.BA07]相关的主题文章: