Provincial inspection group to supervise, combat telecommunications fraud network

Provincial inspection group to supervise, combat telecommunications fraud network in September 28th, the provincial comprehensive management office deputy director Zhai Zhongming line to the city, inspection and supervision governance to combat telecommunications fraud network work. Vice mayor and director of Municipal Public Security Bureau Duan Shaobin attended the forum. At the meeting, the inspection team heard the report of our city’s efforts to crack down on the crime of fraud in telecommunications networks. This year, in the face of the grim situation of telecommunications network fraud crime, the municipal government attaches great importance to the fight against fraud in the telecommunications network governance to maintain peace, to maintain the image of the city overall height, give the city the power to carry out comprehensive management, the source of governance, increasing propaganda, carry out investigation, strengthen key personnel control, take measures and the implementation of a clean network action. Since August 10th, the city’s 149 telecommunications fraud online fugitives appearing in court, detection pursuit effectiveness previews. The inspection team fully affirmed the achievements of our city’s efforts to crack down on the crime of telecommunications network fraud, and thought that the leadership of the city paid attention to the organization, put it in place, made great efforts, achieved effective measures and achieved remarkable results. The next phase of work, the inspection group hopes the city to seriously study the national and provincial governance to combat telecommunications network model criminal work conference, the implementation of the central six ministries "to prevent and combat fraud in the telecommunications network, leading to the notice", strengthen the understanding and deepening, measures to further strengthen cooperation, increase publicity and education and the responsibility to implement, establish the long-term working mechanism, strengthen the source control, comprehensive fight against a good governance of telecommunications network fraud battle. For more information, please pay attention to WeChat subscription number