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R & F involvement of ten million bonus? Coach: after this state of play 0-5 [game] Hengda bodied coach dissatisfaction players play the distraction not to excuse the match is over 5 days, the FA Cup semi-final second leg against Guangzhou, Guangzhou R & F Hengda in Yuexiu mountain stadium. In the first round of competition, Guangzhou R & F in the Tianhe stadium to 2 2 draw with the Hengda, have a chance in the team record two times after the transfer in the home court finals. Fuli away defeat Yatai however, after a recent end of the interim period, a marked decline in the state of Guangzhou R & F. The last two league, Guangzhou R & F first in the home court in the ratio of 1 to 1 draw with Shanghai Shenhua, is round defeat away Changchun yatai. Thus, Guangzhou R & f or the focus will be on the FA Cup semi-final second round and Hengda game. It is understood that the United States and Germany if the FA Cup win, there are tens of millions of dollars bonus. Stojkovic in the home court draw Shenhua game, has released the heroic Utterance: bodied if the finals, will win. AFC Champions League "cake" has drawn, but can become a reality, it is not reliable. If this defeat will make Changchun Yatai bodied alert, it is also a good result. The team bad state, after Stojkovic was asked whether he will be worried about the team on Wednesday was eliminated Hengda in Yuexiu mountain stadium, he was very worried, he felt "false bodied" state to play, will lose 0 to 5. "My job is to help the team get ready for next Wednesday’s game and help them get up. They look like they’re asleep on the pitch." Stojkovic said.相关的主题文章: