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Reporter quest banknote company mysterious process   97-2 model is the most eye-catching anti riot gun – Shaanxi Channel – original title: reporter quest banknote company mysterious process 97-2 new anti riot gun and the messenger gave us the most eye-catching presentation of this mysterious process to guard the personal safety of the police, guard and safety. In addition to the police and a group of people. It is responsible for a bank check to escort banknote shield escorting the Public Security Bureau of Xi’an City, don’t know, from then the task to lead bullet to monitor the whole mission, will eventually return into the box security vault, guns, it really is not an ordinary strict! Let me take you to feel! Reporter: This is just out of the 97 – 2 type anti riot gun, it is also quite heavy, my hand is that it matches the bullet, but the shrapnel, a bullet out there are fifty or sixty balls, the damage is not generally large. It is our priority among priorities to link, I left the vault. Every day we all Xi’an to have more than 1 thousand such money box is transport, then we will give you the messenger and presentation of this mysterious process. Reporter: this money car every day we will see in the streets, but how safe, what structure we have never seen anyone, Wang monitor you can tell us to let everyone look at it? Wang: this monitor doors and windows are bulletproof. Here is the hole in the guards, in the driver’s seat with a magnetic button, a switch, if someone came to the door handle will get a shock. Reporter: so this is the place to put the box, we see is a completely closed space, and there is a layer of steel wrap, but I found that there are several doors as well as the camera, which is why? Wang monitor: This is an emergency door, in case of an emergency such as fire accident, we can transfer from the door guards behind things, it can real-time camera is in the car to see behind the box, to prevent the spread loss ah ah shake things escort. Close the door this is a large safe, there are two keys to open up and down at the same time, and then outside the door is the second door. Reporter: This is not enough! The gangster film to see more, I am worried that if there is trailing can do? Wang squad leader: we have a camera behind the door, the driver can see at any time there is no trailing behind, or what dangerous action. How, this is not for us to save money is so relieved that back and forth escort? (Shaanxi radio and television "City Express" all media reporter Zhang Qian (Yuan Ye): Gu Yan, commissioning editor Wang Li)相关的主题文章: