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Retirees how to receive housing provident fund? The real estate — original title: retirees how to receive housing provident fund since the first half of this year the housing provident fund deposit interest rates, which in accordance with the current execution time collection and three months deposit rates 0.35% and 1.10%, adjusted to a uniform according to the one-year deposit benchmark interest rate, currently 1.50%. Our calculations, for the part of the fund has not been extracted from the public, especially retirees, if provident fund balances 100 thousand yuan a year, the original interest is 1100 yuan, after adjustment for a year to the node of interest is 1500 yuan, if the provident fund deposit amount is high, then gains even more impressive. Many people are more concerned about how to receive retirement housing provident fund? The "Beijing morning news? Financial weekly" to the public: retired workers or to reach the statutory retirement age, and the spouse and no outstanding housing provident fund loans, can hold the following elements to deposit the management department for the extraction of housing provident fund. Part1 pay attention to the workers for the following reasons for the extraction procedures, and cancel the account: 1 from retirement. 2 agricultural household registration workers male full of 60 years of age, women over the age of 55. 3 to foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. 4 complete or most of the loss of ability to work, severe disability and termination and termination of labor relations with the unit. 5 receive unemployment insurance benefits. 6 was sentenced to the punishment of the unit and the termination or termination of labor relations. 7 accounts to move out of the city, the city’s non resident account with the unit where the termination or termination of labor relations. 8 housing accumulation fund account for the termination of labor relations for two years or sealed with the original unit to terminate the labor relationship for two years. 9 to work outside the city administrative region and the establishment and the local housing provident fund. 10 death or declaration of death of the employee, the spouse and the heirs of the employee housing provident fund account balance. Part2 cancel cancel staff extraction operations, provide the following information: ID documents note workers to foreign or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan settle settlement, should be provided in the local passport or passport and notarized Chinese versions; housing provident fund joint card did not apply for housing provident fund joint card can provide housing provident fund card inquiries; retired certificate, retirement certificates issued by retired workers should provide the central ministries and Municipal Bureau of Retired Cadres Bureau of retired cadres retired certificate; retired workers should be provided by the labor department issued by the county retirement certificate; agricultural household registration booklet workers in men over 60 years of age, women over 55 years of age, should provide workers booklet; to settle abroad and in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, should provide accounts; certificate of disability and termination of labor The dynamic relationship that is completely or partially incapacitated or severe disability or rescission and termination of labor relations unit, shall provide the disabled card, and the dissolution or termination of labor relations unit; insurance certificate by the bank for providing bank passbook passbook for unemployment card, with savings card);相关的主题文章: