Samsung Galaxy note 7 sales from early October to return to

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales will return to normal from the beginning of the October Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 9th news, according to technology website Android Authority reported that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may be due to recall the loss of more than $1 billion, the outside world may never know exactly the loss of Samsung, but it is clear that it wants to recall it things quickly turn papers ", restore Galaxy Note 7 sales. But when is it to be able to do so? According to a statement released by Samsung Australia, next month Galaxy Note 7 sales will return to normal. Samsung is expected to start from September 21st delivery of the new Galaxy security Note 7. Galaxy Note 7 in Australia sales will be "early October" recovery. It is worth noting that the date is based on Samsung in the production process will not encounter other problems in the case of the estimated. In Australia, there have been at least 2 Galaxy Note fire on fire, and the three airlines prohibit passengers from using Galaxy Note on the plane in. It is not clear whether Samsung will be delivered on the same day in the rest of the world for the user to replace and new sales of Galaxy Note 7. Samsung mobile CEO Gao Dongjin (DJ Koh) in September 2nd, said the company takes 2 weeks to produce a new phone to replace the problem phone needs. August 19th, Samsung in the United States, Canada, Europe and some countries, including Australia, the 10 market offering Galaxy Note. Verizon and AT& T mobile operators said that before the end of September 30th, they will not receive replacement fee, this shows that Samsung can replace most of the problem that the mobile phone before the end of this month. (compile leaves)相关的主题文章: