Scorching sun burning heart the law is the guarantee of human nature nibbuns

"Sun burning heart": the law is human subsistence "sun burning heart". I Yaharu: I love the law. I think law is the best thing that man has ever invented. Do you know what it is? In my eyes, man is the sum of divinity and animal. Is that he can not imagine you are good, you can not imagine the evil, there is no right or wrong, this is the people. So, the law is very cute. It doesn’t matter whether you can better, you cannot limit the evil to the orgy. It is clear that everyone has a little dirty things, think about it, but do not do it. Law is more like human nature, is a kind of compulsory cultivation. It does not require you to have religion, we will tell you, at least should be what kind of. Talk about human feelings, and cruel. "Sun burning heart" stills "Cao Baoping sun burning heart", 2015 control lines 333rd, the long lines from "sun burning heart", speaking is called e-good spring (Duan Yihong), a police officer. 7 years ago, Fujian had a long create a great sensation extermination massacre, has not been broken, has become a heart disease e-good spring. Committing the murder of three people Yang Zidao (Guo Tao ornaments), Xin Xiaofeng (Deng Chaoshi), Chen Bijue (Gao Hu ornaments) adopted the daughter of the deceased, deep self confession. Yang from the road when the taxi driver drove to catch robbers, courageous, Essien on into the police alert capable, police received e-good regardless of personal danger, spring attention. I Yaharu has a keen sense of smell, like Xin Xiaofeng in connection with the murder, he repeatedly beat. In an arrest gambling Gang, Xin Xiaofeng stole thousands of pieces of money, when I Yaharu found out, he said to the lines. This type of preaching lines just some hackneyed and stereotyped expressions (of course in the context of China is still scarce), but please note that this is the police to say a suspect. "Sun burning heart". Finally, on the symplectic saved e-good spring, spring valley of Iraq caught Xin Xiaofeng and Yang Zidao, two people were executed. At this time, the original plot extermination massacre the murderers of a sudden turn for the worse, another person, two people to death without sin. The reason they bent to die, not to let the daughter to know his story. It’s hard to tell. "Sun burning heart" adapted from the novel "sunspot" melon, exquisite production, a strong cast, but the story has done a lot of changes, there are quite a lot of flawed logic, hypocritical. "Sun burning heart".相关的主题文章: