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Sell stock! Four overseas investment holdings – Samsung sold Sohu technology Samsung recently by Galaxy Note 7 flagship models sold under explosion ridden, now sell the stock change printer department. Reuters revealed that Samsung on Sunday (18 days) that has been sold include Amadeus (ASML), Seagate (Seagate), SHARP (Sharp) stock with the high-speed chip design company Rambus, sold shares worth up to 1 trillion won (about 5 billion 960 million yuan). According to foreign media disclosure of Reuters, Samsung Electronics announced on 18 sold including Holland semiconductor equipment maker Moore (ASML), the United States with the hard disk manufacturer Seagate (Seagate), the Japanese consumer electronics giant SHARP and American high-speed chip design company Rambus holdings, according to Samsung spokesman system of Reuters said, the sale of four shares of overseas investment the total profit of more than 1 trillion won (about 5 billion 960 million yuan), but officials are reluctant to disclose more details again. According to the contents of the September 8th Samsung handed a letter of intent to invest, Samsung sold half of Is Moore shares, shareholding proportion dropped to 1.5%, achieved 606 million euros for the largest wave of selling shares, Samsung also recently sold Seagate all 4.2% shares, 0.7% stake in SHARP, Rambus 4.5% stake, 16 above Friday’s closing price of view, worth about $456 million. Samsung on the sale of equity investment income will be used to the core business, and cooperation with these companies is not affected. Samsung recently a series of departments, sell sell shares unless mobile core business tick, is just in the Samsung Note 7 bombings, is also considered to get more resources for the bombing, before the 12 days to sell shares, Samsung and HP reached an agreement, agreed to $1 billion 50 million will be sold to its printer business HP. (source: Flickr Insider Monkey CC named BY 2) read: for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: